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in his kitchen under reconstruction. Ruby refinanced itself like tens of millions of others when mortgage rates were close to a historic low. Today, a former customer sent me an e-mail saying he wanted to get some money out to redesign it. Today, mortgage rates did not move much higher for most lenders.

New normality: Stay in place

Ruby is the face of what seems to be a new normality in the property business: House owners are less active, putting a strain on the bottom line, less commission for realtors and a fiercely contested initial buyer markets that can't find much to sell and are likely to be disillusioned during the springtime property year.

Rubin's store suffered a loss of more than half of its turnover in the years following the Great Depression, so until recently it had neither cash nor the wish to carry out an upgrading. Milions of other home owners either left their job or were trapped in houses less valuable than they owe the banks - two important factors that pushed average home ownership time to about 81/2 years last year, up from about 31/2 in 2008, according to Moody's Analytics and First American Financial Corp.

However, although the economies and residential markets have been improving - joblessness is below 5 per cent, and constantly increasing house rates have liberated tens of thousands of people fromthe whip of "underwater" mortgage loans - economics predict that home ownership will persist for the next ten years or longer. This is because the better economic performance is accompanied by a continuous increase in interest rates.

Ruby has been refinancing itself like dozens of million others when mortgages were close to a historical low. It has an interest of 3. 25 per cent on its home loan, so even if it could find a similar home for the same price, it would rise its payout significantly. A 30-year $500,000 fixed-rate mortgages interest increase to 5.5 per cent would raise the amount paid per month by approximately $700 to $3,600, plus tax and fee estimates, according to Zillow, the property information group.

As rates rise, it becomes more attractive for humans to remain in place. "As soon as the mortgages go up to five or five. With 5 per cent we will see how the lock-in effect really works", said Svenja Gudell, head of economics at Zillow. Detached home launches, which started in March at an 821,000 person per year pace, are about half what they were at the height of the real estate bubble. What's more, they're about half of what they were at the height of the year.

According to a 2014 survey by the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University, the lock-in interest rates are likely to be most marked in attractive towns with a high employment creation and higher incomes. This is because lending defaults went way up after the downturn, so that most refiners when interest rates were at their lowest tend to have better loans, larger salary checks and houses in more costly neighbourhoods.

In a more subtile way, it could also harm the business world by making it less mobile. What's more, it could make us less vulnerable to the effects of the economic crisis. As an example, some folks may find a better place to work in another town, but choose not to accept it because the wage would not compensate for the rise in the cost of mortgages. For Glenn Kelman, Managing Director of Redfin, a domestic property broker age group, this is in the shape of a continuing scarcity of existing properties.

Demolitions are bought by more poeple. Kelman said those who would normally be selling their house to get the down pay for a new one would become progressively lessors because their low-interest loans would mean additional gain in rental - converting into less buisness for him. "Those who buy a house and are selling their house are the flesh and blood of the property market, but more and more we only get half of their sales," he said.

Stocks of houses for rent have fallen by 60 per cent from its 2007 high, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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