Remortgage a Property with no Mortgage

Rescheduling a property without a mortgage

As you drop your LTV band when you remortgrade. Rescheduling may not save you money and may not be possible if:. Retortgage on a Buy to Let to procure funds

To remortgage our customer looked to leave his purchase to remortgage property he had recently renewed (and never really left) to raise funds for a deposit on a new purchase to leave property. The £2m property and the £650,000 present credit have enabled us to negotiate a new £1m credit and raised 350,000 in principal.

Could you get a mortgage on a place without a cook?

I' m looking to buy a home, but it has no kitchen.....the room is there, but there are no countertops, appliances, sink...only open piping for cooktops. ýMy father says I'm not getting a home mortgage for them as its classified as uninhabitable....... can anyone certify? I' m willing to get a more costly kind of mortgage like a borrower's loan if that will enable me to buy it?

Being in a great location for children schools and work ... really doesn't want to miss out ....if someone could please refer a saleswoman lending for this or what kind of mortgage would be suitable. what is the best mortgage for you?

Debt rescheduling and rescheduling - solutions for keys

Remortgage is basically a new or extra credit that you take out on your property without having to sell it. Is often used at the end of a mortgage transaction to help saving cash on redemption payments by hedging a new transaction at a lower interest rate. Among the types of uses for the extra resources freed up by a reverse mortgage are

At Key Solutions, whatever the cause, we can help you evaluate whether a remortgage is the right choice for your situation. Let our staff help you identify which is the best choice for you and then find a creditor and products that suit your needs. You may have seen your finances change in the time since you took out your initial mortgage, and you may no longer be able to obtain the amount of credit you need.

You may have to make extra payments in connection with a remortgage arrangement. Contact us for impartial consultation on whether a reverse transaction is possible and which is the most appropriate for your situation. It' s always great to get good customer satisfaction and we are fortunate to get it again and again.

Time and again, our customers tell us that we are more than just a mortgage broker.

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