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Re-mortgage comparisons are offered by MortgageGym. Advantages of Remortgaging | Der Telegraph In April 2018, GDP mortgages were valued at £20. Now why remortgage? Remortgaging is especially important if you are currently on your lender's default floating interest because these interest rates are usually much higher than other kinds of mortgages. Remortgaging your money at a set interest will mean that whatever happens to the interest levels during your set mortgages period, your recurring months will stay the same.

Optionally, you can select a short-term fixed-rate mortgages with a maturity of two or three years, or a longer-term transaction with a maturity of five, seven or ten years. The majority of transactions are acceptable, which means that you can move them to a new home if you live during the interest period, but you must fulfil the credit requirements at the moment of the move.

Trackers' interest rate is often lower than interest rate, but there is a danger that it will be higher when interest rate rises. When' s the best timing for a remortgage? You can contact your lender about three month before the end of your mortgages to ask what you would like to do next, which is a good moment to begin reviewing your mortgages choices.

To find the best mortgage business for your needs, use The Telegraph Remortgage Service or call 0333 122 6415.

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