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The L&C pays for the publication, printing, publication and a small fee to support this website. Required remortgage Helper-to-buy home-owners face a finite selection when it comes to the timing of repayment. Home owners who want to remortgage a home they purchased with a help-to-buy equities lending will have difficulty finding a wide selection, and could end up with an expensive item if they cannot afford paying back their mortgage. Held-to-Buy Equestrian lending was launched in 2013 and will enable future home owners to obtain a taxpayer-backed home finance facility of up to 20% of the value of a new building (40% in London).

If you can raise your own 5% investment, you can use the sovereign debt to get cheaper mortgage loans. For the first five years, the interest-free interest-free intergovernmental credit means you only have to make an annuity payment of £12. At the end of this term, you will have to make a payment of 1.75% of the value of the mortgage.

Thus, if RPI is 5%, then in year seven, your charge increases to 1. 86% (1. 75% 1. 06) of the value of the loans. When you want to pay back the mortgage or part of it, you have to pay back at least 10% of the value of the property each year.

Ideally, you would pay back the equityaccrued loans as soon as possible. In this way, you prevent additional charges, and any appreciation in the value of your home is yours and not partially the property of the state. However, adhering to the equity loans makes it much more difficult to carry out a remortgage.

Eight out of 25 creditors said they would provide re-mortgages to new clients to repay their help-to-buy loan, according to figures provided to the Financial Times by the Homes England property administration. Much of this reticence is due to the fact that the procedure is more complex than with a default remortgage. Accommodation regulators have special evaluation needs and more red tape is needed.

Nevertheless, there may also be concerns that such purchasers may have difficulty in making refunds in the foreseeable future as they will also pay charges to the State. Case-controller works to try to extend the range of available items, but that's not much help if you want to remortgage now.

Help-to-buy loan ideas were that individuals would be able to get cheap mortgage money (because of their large, government-backed deposits), so it is hardly perfect that they could now be coerced into paying high interest on it. It would be the easiest way to stay with your present supplier (technically this is a technical change and not an additional charge).

They could go on to its default floating rates - generally the most costly option of all - or change to another of its mortgages; or you can buy for the best deal out there ( usually a good idea) from other lenders' finite supplies around there.

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