Remortgage my home

My home Remortgage

May I remortgage if I own my house completely? May I return to raising capital for do-it-yourselfers or for personal use, i.e. to buy another property?

return fee

More than 95% of our importers and their customers, who take charge of the juridical side of mortgage recovery for tens of millions of customers every year, tell us that they are happy with our services. Advantages for our importers: Regional Development Manager and Account Manager provide you with the necessary expertise through our on-site and office-based relation team.

Our committed conveyor team and our contacts will inform you regularly about the development of the cases by telephone, e-mail, mail or facsimile. Introducer eWay, our customized case handling services, gives you more insight and transparency into the progress of your cases. Market Research Services - to further your business, we can offer you an on-line quotation and market material to help you market property transfers.

Administrative information - is made available to all importers to help them administer their services. Advantages for your customers: Extended opening times for customers, open from Monday to Thursday from 8 pm to 8 pm and on Friday from 8 pm to 7 pm. A committed sponsor is allocated to your customer, who is part of a specialist group, so that there is always someone there to lead and support the customer through the whole proces.

The ' No Completion, No legal fee' rule - when the deal is completed, the client is not billed the lawyer's fees. Advantages of Remortgage iWay for your customers: Transport on the Road - Customers have the option to administer their transport cases whenever they want, from anywhere via their smartphones or tablets.

It also sends them pushed alerts, so your client is always up to date. Significant improvement - the one-of-a-kind one-way dialog shows customers how their case is moving forward. Every section is a landmark in the transfer effort - the more complete the section, the nearer it is to completion.

Interaktive on-line form - almost all documentations are available to be completed on-line, further speeding up the transfer procedure. Customers can find a number of useful videos and help files to help them better understanding what they need to do. Campaign notification - displays in pink on the face inform the customer that there is an event he needs to perform.

Personalized for customers - each customer receives a unique log-in so that both the customer and their carrier can see what action has been taken. Customers can also add photos to your website, giving it a unique feel. If you would like more information about our Remortgage Transport Services, please call our Account Management on 0116 240 5504 or send us an e-mail.

Obtain an immediate quote for the transfer of remortgage by signing into your Introducer eWayortal. The last few months have been an unbelievably thrilling one for us as we have received three prestigious international accolades for our forwarding services.

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