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Need an Expat Mortgage to make a UK purchase to rent property, or an Expat Mortgage to replace an existing UK mortgage or release equity? Largest mortgage provider in the UK A good on-line gateway for monitoring your status and send/receive your notifications. A reaction response service that immediately answers all inquiries and asks and informs the customer about our work. At the beginning I got a call to introduce myself and explain the trial, which was useful. Extremely professionally designed on-line site is great to make document dispatch so much simpler.

Enact kept me up to date on all facets of the deal. It has been a while since I had to pledge a real estate and so much has happened in these years! I was always on the ball with information and when I asked them, they were there quickly.

Truly satisfied with their services. And I liked the trial and the services very much. So the only critique I have is that towards the end of the trial I had to wait for messages and call a few numbers to find out what was going on. Altogether, I am as lucky as possible with the person I have spoken to and with the trial.

There was no pain in the whole procedure and practically everything was done online. An e-mail was sent every single fucking moment that a motion occurred. Many thanks for a stress-free trial. Extremely impressing, fast and effective services. came as part of a loan book. The Enact were great. We had a great equity transfers group.

Thank you so much for the remission. From the beginning, I got a call that introduced itself. There was a request for mortgages, so I chose to post a notice on the site. Excellent customer care! It' s a great web site for trackers. I got an immediate reply on the opportunity I sent a mail through the site.

Many thanks to the whole Enact crew. Your on-line tracking system is really the best instrument that is always there to enable you to keep up with your progression whenever you need to, and it really does help calm your spirit throughout the whole proces. The Enact were nominated by the creditor when we resumed the mortgage.

During all phases of the trial we were kept up to date. Many thanks for offering me such a smooth, rapid and professionally managed response. Rescheduling my debt was vitally important and time-critical. It was unbelievable that Enact was able to deal quickly with the new creditor and everything went smoothly.

And I was thrilled with the on-line updating and the straightforward way of doing it. Brillant, kind courtesy services. Personally, I was amazed by the on-line case tracking, which enabled me to notify the case workers and look at the documentation while it was being up-loaded. In the beginning the services were good, I got an introductory talk and the documentation in time.

Today, exactly a weeks later, I phoned again to request an updated (a topic that occurs....) and they were informed that they had the withdrawal receipt, but they didn't have the letter of credit in the files!..? The only thing I'm being told that they can do about it is to make sure that the mortgages are in the pillar room or it issues again.....

We were able to transfer the money back quickly and efficiently. Tracking the progress with the on-line tracking system was very simple. Great all-round services at a very competitive rate. Superior customer care. They were very supportive and provided everything that was necessary and necessary.

There were no issues with the loan and I would use it again in the near term. We' re definitely going to use Enact again when our mortgages business comes due for extension. It is the third occasion that I use Enact and every single occasion when the Enact has been a great use. There' got to be some great services practice going on.

It can be hard to keep an overview of the remortage of each individual with several leased homes. Many thanks to everyone at Enact! Enact and my Filehandler Kay, who earned a particular tribute, were the embodiment of professionality. All was clearly stated, they handled the whole thing in an efficient and polite manner. Good job, Enact, you're a tribute to your work.

Enact so impresses me. It was faster than anticipated and we were told how long it would take, what was always exactly what we had in mind. Thanks to everyone at Enact, you were great. An excellent customer care system. All employees have handled all questions very efficient and helpfully.

The whole debt rescheduling procedure was very impressive. Enact was not chosen because our new Halifax mortgages were handled by a first-class advisor. Enact used for a remortgage and I must say that I have never seen a trial so simple for something as large as funding your home.

Excellent customer care! Keeped me up to date throughout my remortgage. Clear with mortgages deals, best clear thing I've ever had. The whole procedure was carried out quickly and painlessly. Recently, Enact helped me secure a mortgages on a real estate I have rented for eight years. This whole thing was the easiest thing I've ever known.

It was a great way to stay up to date and track your development. Repatriation went according to plan and without a hitch. 3. Honestly, I can't give you enough credit for your work! Love the on-line trackers to stay up to date on everything. I used ENACT for my recent sales I just switched.

On-line Case Trackers are great! Considering that it was our first real estate, we were obviously worried about the whole trial given the many nightmare tales out there and the lawyers not responding. When it was not available, the enact staff responded quickly or had Abbey call back. Simply be responsive with answers and Abbey & team will quickly pass everything on to the sellers.

Outstanding value for price for the services provided with the results. I' m sure the fact that the free of charge services were offered by my new lender mattered, but I found these boys effective and simple to use. Once you are logged in, the on-line tracking tool makes it really simple and no tracking is required.

Enact's website enables clients to have up-to-date information about where they are in the game. We believe it is a great value for money and a great value for money. During our last remortgage, Enact was acting on my bank's name. I haven't been through this process for a while, but having an on-line portals where you can get a stat from where you are in the process is great.

Recently I changed my mortgages provider and Enact did the deal for me. Enact's effectiveness throughout the entire lifecycle was really impressive, they were always on the front line throughout the lifecycle and advanced the remittance time by four working days to ensure that the extra interest from my former mortgages at the end of the prime period was kept to a strict minimum, I just spent a day paying extra interest, and that was due to the prime date which ended on a Sunday.

Thanks Enact & especially Jasmin. Excellent customer care. It was very impressive of the services I got from Enact. All went well, if possible they give you the ability to scan your document on-line to conserve your valuable resources, which is brilliantly and easily done. It was a fast and smooth whole operation.

Scanning and sending certain document via your own on-line tracking case. Don't delay using Enact for all your needs in the world. Enact took care of our remortgage and provided excellent services from beginning to end. Your on-line tracking services kept us up to date throughout the entire lifecycle and provide a fast and simple document and message sharing environment.

I went through a back transfer with inna. The Web Trackers were very useful. And Rachel treated my case and was kind and supportive, as were the other members of the crew I was dealing with. Truly amazed by the services provided to Enzact. It felt like the whole thing was going smoothly and stress-free. A superb facility to be able to login and consider your case is brilliantly, enact has recorded everything they have done so that I was always up to date and when I asked a query it was always replied to on the same date.

Enact was kept by the institution where we resumed the mortgages. Then they gave me the opportunity to use their case tracking tool. I was also able to verify whether they had got papers that I had post without having to call. Seamless transfer when switching mortgages. Your services were provided free of charge by the mortgages company, but I would not hesitate to pay for your help in the near term.

We were allocated Enact as part of our consultation with NatWest and we were very pleased with the level of customer satisfaction. After having trouble getting information from several other law offices in the past, it was cool to have all your information available via your on-line tracking system. As we had extra queries, Lydia answered quickly, both via the trackers and by telephone, so we always knew what was going on.

You are very professionally and have made my referral back a very enjoyable one. Throughout the entire project, we were kept up to date and, above all, the team that dealt with us was clear, honest, courteous and supportive. Excellent customer support ?? My move to the new bank was so efficient that I was not caught up in the dispute.

Our client services were totally great. All my experiences with Enact from start to finish have been very upbeat. Thanks for telling me you were beautiful! All in all, this was a very uncomplicated procedure for which I am very thankful. The Enact were thoroughly and thoroughly professionals when it came to processing my latest mortgage.

Miss's expert knowledge made the whole re-mill loan procedure so straightforward. and Enact. The Enact team worked on my case in a professional manner, taking care of everything and dealing with a problem that occurred quickly and efficiently. Taking out a hypothecary is not for most individuals a "simple" or necessary "given" exercise.

They were very effective and kept me informed about the progress of my loan. Kalsoom, the agent of Enact of, acted in my case, was very professionally and helpfully. My response to my enquiries and the entire trip was extremely effective. Wouldn't mind deciding on an act again.

Well, what a great set of services! You have a great system that lets you see exactly where things are in the processes, it also has a documents repository where you can post things and where you can see them. Many thanks to Billy Yu and Enact for a trouble-free and pain-free time!

You' re fortunate to have Enact!

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