Renovation and Repair Loans

Loans for renovation and repair

Provides information on grants and loans to support repairs and improvements to the home, including grants for facilities for the disabled. Refurbishment subsidies - Consultation Subsidies that you can receive from the community to make your home worth living in. Provides information on subsidies and loans to support home repair and improvement, as well as subsidies for institutions for the handicapped. This is a shortlist of the most important scholarships you can receive to make your home a better place to stay, e.g.

if you have a handicap.

Contains who can receive subsidies, what they are intended for and how to submit an application. It' s about the money and practice support that is available to you for the repair, improvement and adaptation of your home. Learn how handicapped institutions work and how to get them.

The Crawley Borough Council: Loans for repairs and renovations

There is a system of loans to help people in the home finance the maintenance of their homes. There are two kinds of loans available, according to the level of destruction of your real estate. Renovation loans are used when resources are needed to cover the renovation outlay. Repair loans are granted when objects can be fixed without being exchanged.

Loans are interest-free, are covered by a Legal Charges Agreement and are recorded as a tax on the land for which they are granted. There is a commission involved in the loans to cover the costs of registration of the commission for the real estate. A repayment is not necessary until the next complete sale of the real estate.

In case the proposed credit is not sufficient to fully finance the costs of the works, the claimant would have to finance the underfunding. The Council will then give priority to the work financed by the loans. To apply for a credit for necessary repairs or renovations, please fill in our on-line request from.

Any loans granted are recorded as court fees on the real estate. In the event of a sale of the real estate in the near term, loans are to be fully reimbursed to the Council. Detailed information on the terms and condition of the loans will be provided before the request is made. When you are not sure about the credit terms, we recommend that you seek impartial counsel.

There is a limit to the amount available for these loans and there is no assurance that the request will lead to the approval of a credit. Because of the attractiveness of these loans, it is likely that a holding schedule will be in place.

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