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While we do everything we can to make sure that our lead dates are kept, there are sometimes some delays due to transport, accident or unexpected situation. If I miss the shipment, what happens? In case the shipment is not delivered, we will send you a shipping note so that you know that we have arrived. Small articles ordered for same-day shipping will have your order canceled and you will need to re-order.

Could I know the estimated lead times on the date of shipment? We will keep you up to date on the progress of your shipment. Enter your cell phone number as your primary number, we can give you shipping and order update via SMS. When you order a large article, we will tell you the estimated lead times of your order by text.

The same information can be found on-line using our Track It Knowhow Services. When you order a small article, you will get a text with your date of despatch on the despatch date (unless you order a free delivery). When your ordered catering equipment with expanded reach is supplied by the Knowhow staff, we will remind you the night before or the next morning.

The same information can be found on-line using our Track It Knowhow Services. When your order is shipped directly from the supplier, you may get a text about the shipment, but this will vary depending on the supplier. Whether a broadened line of products is supplied by the know-how or not, you can find out on the Services page.

Tracking your order can be done on-line using our free Team Knowhow track it services. Just go to Team Knowhow Tracking It and fill in your data to see the scheduling agreement. You will also get a text with an estimated lead times on the shipping date (if you have not ordered free).

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