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You can use our mortgage calculator and interest finder for the residents of the Isle of Man to find a suitable mortgage for you and work out your monthly repayments. There are prepayment fees and other fees and charges may apply. Mortgages M&S Bank - Credit Card M&S.

Find live mortgage deals now available in Northern Ireland.

To verify that you had PPI

When you have had a mortgage or mortgage but are not sure whether you had PPI or not, you can ask your supplier. Now many vendors are offering on-line testing utilities that will help you verify if you have had PPI, and will usually contact you within 8 week. Although you don't need your papers for review, it can help accelerate the pace of the work.

Search for "PPI" or the below mentioned brand name on originals, loans, newer excerpts and the respective term and condition. When you have a mortgage or mortgage but cannot find the necessary documentation or explanations, see the next page for a paperless PPI check.

Policies and payment information may also appear on account statement screens as an extra fee in addition to the repayment information. The PPI was usually resold with other items such as a debit, debit or debit card, home loans, overdrafts or auto financing - so make sure you checked your papers for loans or credits you had.

In addition to "PPI" or "Installment Insurance ", your records may also contain other PPI and similar product designations such as Please see the page above for information on other PPI normally purchased items. Wait 8 week for your PPI test to complete.

If your vendor replies, they will let you know if you have PPI for any product. When you have had PPI and are dissatisfied with the sale, you can file a claim. Don't delay until August 29, 2019 - act earlier than later to give you enough free space to test whether you had PPI and determine whether you should file a complaints.

When you are not sure what means something on your documents or declarations, call the banks or other providers of your loans or credits or write them a message. If you are asking for information about your records, you can also ask if you had a PPI guideline. Verifying that you had PPI does not influence your relation to them.

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