Report a Business

Notifying a company

Once you have reported a company via Citizen's Advice according to Trading Standards. Contact the Citizens Advice consumer hotline and tell them you want to report a trader according to trading standards. Annual reports provide an effective way to communicate complicated and in-depth material.

Reporting white-collar crimes or scams

First, call the regional cops. Announce a scam with Action Freud on line. Legislation is concerned with theft of goods, blackmail, fraud and drug trafficking, excisable goods and persons. When you feel threatened, remember that the law improves the way it protects the victim of crimes.

Trafficking in some goods, up to and personal effects, is limited, encompassing narcotics, guns, wildlife, weapons and military goods. Call the policemen if you think that prohibited or limited goods are arriving in or departing from the UK unlawfully.

When you report a company, what happens?

Citizens Advice Consume Services (CACS) will email the report to your Citizens Trading Standards Services. Copies will also be sent to the Trading Standards Services where the company is located. How will trade standards deal with your grievance? Every grievance we receive from the CACS is included in our intelligent data base so that we can focus our efforts on those individuals who do the most damage to Kent's people.

Since we concentrate our efforts on this type of crime, which is based on the information provided, it is unlikely that you will get a call about your complaints, unless it is part of an on-going inquiry. When you have further information about your complaints, you can use the above information to get in touch with CACS as often as necessary.

Every call the consultant sends an updated version of the trading standards. Our consultants at GACS are fully qualified to give you legal counsel and hands-on guidance on how to solve your complaints with the dealer. Consultants can also determine whether a merchant may have violated the Act.

Consultants can provide advice on how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) works, which is often a more cost-effective and faster way to resolve disputes than litigation.

Trade Standards Report - Citizen Advice

You may be able to report a business that you believe has violated the laws or done wrong in accordance with Trading Standards. They should report a business according to trading standards if, for example Contact the Citizens Advice Consumers Hotline and tell them that you want to report a dealer according to trading standards.

Consumers help line assesses your issue and forwards it to trading standards as appropriate. When you are living in Northern Ireland, you need to call Consumerline and tell them that you want to report a dealer according to trading standards. Calling the hotline costs up to 9p per minutes from a fixed line.

When you call from a cell phone, it costs between 3p and 40p per min - if you have included a few min, it's the same as when you call a fixed line. Or you can use an on-line trading report format - make sure you make a note that you want to report a dealer according to trading standards. Trading-standards determine whether you examine your issue.

When this is the case, they may ask you for further information and proof. According to what they find out, they can take measures to prevent the dealer from doing unjust things. They could, for example, inform the dealer of the Act or take steps against him to prevent him from fully doing business.

If the trade standards do not reach you, they may use your proof to take measures in the near-term.

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