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Experts from the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research produce comprehensive analyses that are included in our Diamond Grading Report. The IDT reports represent the highest standards of reliability, consistency and integrity.

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International Institute of Grading & Research provides extensive analysis, which is included in our Grading Report. In this report you will find all the information a gem needs to be authenticated and its excellent mark. There is a complete investigation of the diamonds' karat weights, color, clarity as well as cutting.

A detailed graph of the ground size of the specimen is also included, with all enclosures marked. Each unoccupied uncut stone with a minimum of 0.14 carats and a color evaluation within the D-Z color palette can be reported. And we can also create a report on unusual colored gems.

Audit and report

Unidentified number that seems to be using a bogus calling ID. Got a call from 01364 317709, the calling party alleged to be a TalkTalk engineer. Said there was something the matter with my internets. Immediately I knew this was a fraud call because my web had gone well. It was said to be from my ISP and my wireless device was broken.

Create an Exchange Server 2016/2013/2010 Health Report.

The PowerShell utility performs a state check of your Exchange Server enviroment, complete with server and data base uptime groups, and outputs an HTML report that you can submit to your mailbox. This report contains a synopsis of the reported bugs and a color-coded chart with details of test results to help you quickly identify bugs.

It is a useful routine that runs as a routine medical check in the mornings, to help you diagnose any issues that have arisen over night and allow you to fix them before your end user notices. It is available for downloading from the TechNetcript Gallery or from Github.

Sript parameter: -ReportMode, Set to $true to create an HTML report. ReportFile, Allows you to specify a different HTML report filename than the standard name. SendEmail, Send the HTML report by e-mail using the HTML config within the scripts. Notifications only, Send the e-mail report only if at least one bug or alert has been noticed.

Scans all hosts in the organisation and displays the results in the shell-box. Check the host HO-EX2010-MB1 and display the results in the shellport. Scans all hosts in the organisation, puts the results in the shell and sends the HTML report via email to the email addresses specified in the scripts.

When you use report modes, you receive an HTML document with the results of the status check and/or an e-mail to the specified e-mail location if you also use the Mail options. In order for the e-mail function to work, please refresh these variable in the scripts according to your surroundings. From = "exchangeserver@exchangeserverpro. net" Subject = Exchange Server health report - $now SmtpServer = "smtp.exchangeserverpro. net" Many users ask how to include more than one recipient in their message to the message serverettings.

So if you need to edit the recipient roster, you can easily edit your roster member privileges instead of changing the scripts for it. If you run the scripts on non-English hosts, you can customize the following variable in the scripts to your own locale so that the scripts will not return error or false results.

You must ensure that the name of the rolls on the servers matches the roll name you see when running Test-ServiceHealth. For example, a Windows system would use the following settings: $casrole = "Client Access Servers Role" $htrole = "Hub Transport Servers Role" $mbrole = "Mailbox Servers Role" $umrole = "Unified Messaging Servers Role" $success = "Success" For example, a Windows system would use the following values:

You must ensure that the name of the rolls on the servers matches the roll name you see when Test-ServiceHealth is executed. The planned tasks I want to set for this are:: When you run the scripts on a machine where Exchange 2010 or 2013 (or later) Exchange 2010 or 2013 servers rolls or administration tool are deployed, it should work.

F: I am using more than one Exchange release, will the scripts still work? Yes, it should work as long as you run it from the highest Exchange state. If you have a hybrid Exchange 2010/2013 enviroment, for example, you should run the scripts from an Exchange 2013 host. F: Why do I get an alert when the scripts send the e-mail report?

Ensure that you have reconfigured the script's e-mail preferences section to point to a hub transport that either accept unknown user (typically an Internet-enabled hub transport) or, if you are using a stand-alone manage server or administrative client machine, point the Smtp server to a hub transport that has a receiving port connection setup so that the host on which the script runs can forward it.

F: Why aren't the Edge Transport Server scanned? The Edge Transport Check between Firewall and Privilege is hard to take into consideration, so the scripts currently skip it. F: What should I do if the scripts report an issue on my server? Scripts do not diagnose if they detect an issue, they only report it to you.

If you see an issue, you should continue to examine using the administration utilities andmdlets that Exchange provides. When you encounter a situation where the scripts report bugs that turn out to be false positives, please let me know and I will do my best to fix those solicitations.

F: Can you include the function set XP in the scripts? Should you have extra needs, you should adapt the scripts to your own needs. Mr. Huber works as a freelance advisor, author and coach with a focus on Office 365 and Exchange Server.

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