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The Financial Conduct Authority regulates all reputable and trustworthy lenders in the UK. Check and compare short-term lenders. Payment day loans and the underlying problem they present

Touch Financial Director Simon Carter is discussing the more pressing issue behind the shift towards payday lending. Though this may seem like a positve point for payday loan slanderers, I am hesitant to consent. There is a need for more regulation and enforcement to make sure that the current payday lenders are serious, but the media campaign and general loathing of such companies are, in my opinion, exaggerated and somewhat misdirected.

While there are many possible causes for a company to collapse, it seems that the biggest challenges facing Speed-E-Loans have been to obtain funds from their financiers, perhaps as a result of government inaction. My own wisdom is that companies that are successful or have established successful ways of doing things should always be able to raise funds; if the Speed-E-Loan way of doing things was sustainable, then it should have been able to get some kind of fund.

Maybe it was her image that made her fail.... or maybe she was looking for the right kind of corporate financing from the onset. In view of the limitations of conventional credit types, the authorities should also encourage the use of other credit types, especially for small enterprises. The warnings given to SME' s against payday lenders will not help unless they are given practicable options to their financing problems.

Pupils turn to "payday lenders".

Payment day lender said that college graduates "are able to make educated decisions". A 7% rise was also recorded among those who reported that they had to borrow more than they had expected. Yenny Shaw, director of the Studentenwerk für Unite Studenten, cautions that payday lenders seem to fill this void.

"It is disturbing to see that a larger percentage of claimants believe that payday donors are the way forward," she said. It covers the case of Audrey Jordan, who passed on 6,000 pounds of debt to payday donors during her studies at the University of the Arts in London. "I' d say to the students who are considering using a payday loan vendor - take my advice: Do everything you can to prevent it," she said.

Lots of college kids get less than 4,000 in alimony credits for a year. "Pupils are literate and smart individuals able to make sound monetary decisions."

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