Residential Bridging Finance

Housing bridging finance

Housing Bridge financing Credit specialists Over the last few years, the bridge market's traditionally shadowy perspective has been abandoned. Today it is a favourite item offered by a number of creditors and it plays a vital role in the UK real estate industry. Arranging your interim financing through an independant intermediary who acts in your interest is very important; in fact it is almost impractical to control the markets without the help of experts.

Our array of choices allows us to provide interim financing at the best possible rate, regardless of your circumstance.


For clients who wish to use their residential properties as collateral for raising capital, we are offering regulated interim financing. Bridging Finance needs quickness. Therefore we are offering AVMs (Automated Valuation Model) for our standardized bridging finance product range. For more information on qualification requirements, please see our Bridging Finance Product & Criteria Guide.

Learn more about the available choices here. Please click on the following items to learn more about the available range of our goods. The AVM (Automated Valuation Model) is available for off-the-shelf bridging tools - see our Bridging Finance Products & Criteria Guide for more information. Bridging Finance's unregulated bridging finance services provide credit for real estate buyers or lessors who wish to sell a real estate at auctions, extend their real estate portfolios, refurbish or renovate an already purchased asset for rental.

As an alternative, you can place your bridging finance through our Premier Panel, which will use your knowledge to place your case.

Housing bridging loans - Unterschrift

Initial court costs for residential real estate used by the debtor and/or the owner's wife or wife are not permissible. TenureFreehold or long-term lease right with a residual term of at least 60 years. Advance FeesThere are no advance handling charges. Evaluation feesAll evaluation fees must be prepaid. The amount of the appraisal commission depends on the nature and value of the real estate.

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