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Our financing services are aimed at professionals in the private and commercial sectors. bridging loans secured by individual houses & flats, apartment buildings and HMO's where the property is rented under Assured Shorthold Tenancies. Our offer includes residential home mortgages as well as residential investment loans. The site is for rented residential properties, commonly known as "Buy to Let".


The Octopus Property Group is a UK based real estate finance leader. Working with a wide variety of sector experts, we offer tailor-made, customer-focused finance packages usually between £100,000 and £50 million. Octopus Property has provided more than 2.8 billion in funding for 2,600 loans since 2009. The Octopus Property portfolio includes industrial investments, residential investments and project developments.

With our award-winning 62 professional staff and multi-line facility availability, we offer effective, cost-effective funding opportunities across the entire real estate investment life cycle. We' ve received an entire chamber of industry accolades, among them the Development Lender of the Year 2017 from Bridging and Commercial magazine. Note that our assets endanger your investment and you may not get back the full amount you have invested.

Butterfield has a 150 year history of building close client relations and has been offering customised mortgages in the UK for over 20 years.

Butterfield has a 150 year history of building close customer relations and has been offering customised mortgages in the UK for over 20 years. We base our relations on an appreciation of customer needs and the impeccable delivery of service that meets those needs. Butterfield at your side gives you easy entry to a variety of credit facilities specifically tailored to the needs of HNW customers.

Our committed relationships will work with you to design the best solution for your client's individual needs and guide you through the entire project to finalization. Recognising that formula-driven residential mortgage loans are not always appropriate for your needs, we provide bespoke amenities at competitive conditions. No matter whether you are buying, refinancing or upgrading residential or investment property, we provide you with a choice of conditions and redemption possibilities.

What are the ways in which overseas investment funds fund British residential property?

Real estate for investment in Great Britain was a good hunt for international investment. Recently investment reports have provided proof that real estate values, rental demands and investment abroad have all risen. Yet many budding international buyers, expatriates included, are concerned about how they can fund real estate investments in the UK. We will examine in this paper why the UK property markets are so appealing to UK property buyers and how to buy property in the UK.

The yields of the investment properties within the framework of buy-to-let are supported by the lease of electricity production. There is more enquiry than supply, the letting industry is expanding fast and UK infrastructural expenditure (such as Crossrail and High Speed) is leading to major refurbishment outlays. In order to maximise the benefit of purchasing in the best locations for real estate investments in the UK, you should take full benefit of using real estate investments.

There is no significant difference between the requirement for UK buy-to-lease mortgages for UK resident companies and the requirement for UK resident companies to obtain a UK buy-to-lease mortgages for UK resident companies. Rentals - You must prove that your rentals more than cover the interest paid on the mortgages. The majority of creditors need a rent yield of 140% of the interest on the mortgages.

Security deposits - the bigger the security deposits you can make, the cheaper they will look at you. Yours sincerely, your earnings - some creditors will take your earnings into account when they calculate what they are lending. If you are financing investment property with a buy-to-lease UK property mortgages, all your documents must be in English.

Ready to respond quickly to real estate investment possibilities by monitoring all your records and making sure they are available in English. A lot of overseas investor are independent. This is another challenging task as the incomes have to be proven. It is very unlikely that creditors will agree to proof of receipts from a resident bookkeeper, as will your account from an internationally represented bookkeeper.

It is unlikely that the normal creditors on the lender lists will offer the best loans, especially if you are purchasing an investment property in the UK. It is important that you associate yourself with a real estate agent with buy-to-lease financing skills, and one who has exposure to overseas investment. Your working mortgagor should know which creditors like to grant loans to expatriates and overseasers.

Mediating your mortgages to fund the acquisition of a UK investment property doesn't have to be inconvenient. Most important is working with the right real estate agent. Guidance through the Buy-to-Lease Mortgages mini-field gives you easy entry to the best financial solutions. You have a large choice of financial possibilities with the right real estate partner.

You may not be given a full refund with the fake one. And the best way to make sure that your cash works for you and not for others is to buy real estate. Because of the dynamic nature of the British economy, it is an ideal place to buy investment property. Contacting one of our staff today on +44 (0)207 923 6100, we will help you find the best places to make real estate investments in the UK and the best mortgages agents to work with.

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