Restore your Credit

Recover your balance

Accumulate your credit on any meter when you need it. What can my In-Home Display (IHD) and my smartmeter do to help if I run out of credit? To let you know when your credit is dropping, you can use your In-Home Display to create convenient low credit warnings. In order to find them, go to your IHD home page and touch the'Settings' icon and then 'Credit alert'. Next thing you should do is top up with a little more credit, no matter how you normally recharge.

But if you can't top up right now, you can get your rescue credit - 5 for each tank of petrol - backed up the next time you top up. What do I need to do to get my rescue credit? Your credit will be released. Navigate to the IHD home page and touch the Dual icon (or the Electricity or Natural Gas icon if you only want to view a single combustible balance).

You will see that 5 has been added to your credit for each petrol. You will receive another alarm before your credit is zero, giving you another opportunity to recharge. Failure to recharge will result in your credit expiring and your offer being interrupted.

You will then see this NO EMPGENCY CREDIT monitor. Is it possible to use my smartmeter to gain control of my rescue credit? Yes, you can also redeem your credit via the counter keyboard and LCD as well. It' much simpler to use your HRD, but if for some reasons you can't do it the way you do with your smartmeter, here it is.

On your keyboard, push 7. In case an alarm credit is available, the counter display will look like this: In this case, you must either take the credit proposal or choose to disregard it. If you have made a change of heart and do not want to enable your rescue credit, simply hit B instead of A. Once you have enabled your rescue credit, you can review it by tapping 7 on your smartmeter keyboard.

When you have some credit remaining, the monitor will show first 'E-CREDIT' and then 'IN USE'. When you have used up all your credit, the system first displays'E-CREDIT' and then'USED UP' on the monitor. Most important first - turn off all devices in your home that consume power or natural gas. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment at hand.

Touch the "ON" key and this window appears: Now you can turn on your electric devices again. There is no way to turn your throttle back on with your IHD - so you need to use your smartmeter monitor. Please comply with the directions on the monitor.

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