Reverse Mortgage Conditions

Conditions for the reversal of mortgages

However, a reverse mortgage is not yet available in France. General Business Conditions Our data base is the plattform we use to gather and save e-mail accounts of individuals who wish to subscribe to our promotional messages, namely our e-mail newsletters. Unless there are any pending orders or payment, you can demand that we erase the information that we have stored for you on the website or in the system at any given moment.

It is used by us to deliver these promotional e-mails to individuals who have provided us with their information and agreed to receiving notices from us. Every individual in the data base can make a precise decision about what kind of e-mail to market by simply click on the "Update my settings" button in the bottom of the last e-mail they had.

Similarly, any individual can opt out and be deleted from the databases at any point with immediate effect by simply click on the opt-out button in the bottom of the last e-mail message sent to them and confirm their opt-out. Some of your information is also transferred from the website to the data base so that we can provide you with transactional e-mails (order confirmations, shipping information, customer service).

Unless there are any pending orders or payment, you can demand that we erase the information that we have stored for you on the website or in the system at any given moment. Occasionally we will grant discounts on the regular price of select goods and/or their shipment charges. In the event that the product cannot be shipped within 30 workingdays after you placed your order, we will inform you of this and you can either void your order or arrange another shipment with us.

You will receive confirmation of your order before your goods are dispatched by e-mail (if a current e-mail e-mail addresses is given). Occasionally we may provide advertising rebate code that may be applicable to all or certain specified purchases made through this site. Unless otherwise specified, the following General Conditions of Business shall govern all promotion discounts:

We may from occasionally conduct promotional activities and gifts that may be applicable to all or certain specific sales made through this website. Reimbursements and exchange are on our standard conditions and will only be acceptable if the entire giftset, up to and incl. the free gifts, is received and return.

When you subscribe to our newsletters with your e-mail addresses, you agree to receiving our promotional e-mails and we may disclose this information to select third parties. If you wish to cancel your subscription to our e-mail, please follow the links at the end of the e-mail. You agree that we are not accountable or answerable to any third parties for the contents or correctness of any material published by you or any other users of our website.

Acknowledging that you are solely accountable for all communication you send to or through this Site, you consent to use this Site only for your own personally identifiable, legitimate and legitimate use. We shall not, however, be held to any liability for lost profits, lost profits, lost contracts, lost businesses or expected profits, lost business or prestige or goodwill nor specific, incidental or consequential losses (whether resulting from or in relation to this License, whether in an action of tort, strict liability or negligence).

Nor shall we be liable (even in the event of negligence) for actions or inactions of other telecommunication service suppliers or for malfunctions or breakdowns of their network and devices. Either you or our affiliated companies and representatives, and our and their respective executive and managerial staff, officers and staff, hereby consent to release us and our affiliated companies and representatives from any claims or demands, up to and personal expenses, made by any third parties due to or resulting from your infringement of this License or your infringement of any third party's laws or statutory right.

Re-copying, extracting, or redistributing pages from this site to third parties for your own use only is permitted, provided you do so: No part of this website may be incorporated into any other work or public communication, or incorporated into any computer work, without our express permission. It is our corporate policy that all our operations are conducted in an open and fair way and that we abide by all applicable legislation, codes and requirements to combat all forms of corrupt practices in all jurisdictions in which we are active, such as the UK Barbery Act 2010.

We have an anti-corruption and bribery policy that is applicable to all individuals who work for us or on our behalf and in any capacities, as well as those at all staff positions. You can also have them published in our e-mails and in our postings to our community. In case you are not happy with the services you are receiving, please let us know by contact us.

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