Reverse Mortgage Services

Reverse mortgage services

Securities held by Value Financial Mortgage Services, Inc., Miami. Reverse Resolution Associate performs overseas collection activities by phone to cover tax, insurances and the costs of the condominium community.

Reverse Resolution Associate performs overseas collection activities by phone to cover tax, insurances and the costs of the condominium community. Reverse Resolution Associate is in charge of establishing repayment schedules for the collection of these monies. Reverse Resolution Associate will review the availability of the credit orally and in writing in accordance with mortgage sector rules.

Reverse Resolution Associate will validate material loss repair after reporting a claim. Reverse Resolution Associate is in charge of carrying out critical client consultations in the event of bereavement to inform inheritors of possible liquidations, which include the sale, disbursement and transfer of ownership to the business. - Compare and evaluate possible support offerings and decide which clients to refer in order to best suit their needs and conditions.

  • In charge of quickly and accurately answering queries and requests relating to the operation of Reverse Mortgage. - Correctly record every client action in the maintenance system. - Negotiate both revenues and expenditures with clients or authorised third party to identify appropriate enforcement mitigation measures under current investment and regulation policies. - Follow the planning guide to make sure you have correct telephone cover.
  • Maintain operating controls, as well as statutory, entrepreneurial and regulative processes, to safeguard the collateral integrity of your customers' mortgage receivables.

Who we are - Hancock Community Development, Inc.

The Hancock Community Development Corporation (HCDC) was founded in June 1999 as a 501(c)(3) organisation. They are designed to help locals by rendering services or directing individual people to agents who can render the services they need. From its inception, HCDC has sought to enable individual through services that help them to help themselves become financially self-sufficient individual supporters of their community.

HCDC currently has several programmes in place to support business recovery, such as Work Ready, VITA and the Athens Area Council on Aging. Accessible residential services offered: Hancock Community Development Corporation (HCDC) is a HUD-approved consulting group. Before and after the sale, HCDC offers advice on residential property for those interested in home ownership. In particular, the HCDC advisory services shall include:

Mortgages loss and delay, avoidance of execution, tenants, house buyer training and budget. Mortgages loss and Delinquent counselling support and enable individual persons who have issues with Delinquent or forfeiture. Advice on preventing forced auctions is intended to help households obtain a credit amendment that stops needless forced auctions and protects against mortgage fraud. Tenants' advice is offered to those who suffer from rent elinquency in order to prevent forced evictions.

Preletting services support you in the choice of accommodation, checking rental contracts, finances and administration. Home buyer educational workshop will increase consciousness and general information about the home purchase processes and available services and program. HCDC's House Counselling Program offers a wide range of information and support when it comes to home purchases. The services for new and potential home owners includes analysing incomes, helping to solve lending issues, defining mortgage and aid programmes on the basis of eligible funding, checking and supporting lending documentation, supporting customers through the purchase procedure and advising, covering the property owner's legal obligations.

Such services are provided for a period of up to five years. HCDC's flagship product is the HECM Reverse Mortgage Programme, developed to advise homeowners aged 62 and over who are eligible for the federal reverse mortgage programme. With HCDC having four reverse mortgage consultants accredited, and the inclusion of a California-based consultant, we have extended our services to the western United States.

We aim to expand further to service every U.S. market and we are currently devising a comprehensive HECM Reverse Mortgage Counselors program to address the needs of HECM Reverse Mortgage Counselors from multiple geographies. The VITA program: VITA (Volunteer Income tax assistance) provides free income taxes to those who earn $51,000 or less and need help with their own income taxes.

HCDC became an IRS accredited PITA site in 2005 and quickly became the municipality's most important PITA IRS. The HCDC remains the leading agent for the Greater Athens Economic Development Tax Coalition. We offer the municipality a full range of taxation programs in conjunction with the University of Georgia and other municipal authorities.

We helped create 197 declarations in 2011 alone and returned $311,074 to the fellowship. HCDC has been participating in on-the-job programmes for about six years for Georgian unemployment. HCDC will be providing internships for prospective Athenians as part of the 2012 Governor's Go Build Georgia initiative and in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour as part of the Work Ready programme.

The aim of this project is to teach Georgian young people invaluable educational and craft abilities and to give them "Work Ready Certificates" in order to give them an advantage when looking for a work. Greater numbers of individual persons may be supported in cooperation by cooperation agents that assist the cause, assist those in receiving official funding and enable them to become prolific donors of contributions from the Union.

By providing newer machines with the latest production softwares, the continuing use of a soft ware instructor who can present from start to finish, and equipment commonly used in today's market ( scanners, cameras and projectors), the Jobs Trainings Programme would enable Work- Ready students to keep pace in today's market place.

HCDC routinely embraces the knowledge and skills of older people returning to the labour force through a similar programme with the Athens Area Council on Ageing. They work with HCDC for about a year, and if they are not recruited, they come back for their next placement in the Ageing Advisory Service.

It was a good time for HCDC. HCDC could better reinvest in the abilities of the experienced workman by equipping our computer, softwares and hard ware with the right ergonomic features for viewing the monitor, mousing and using the keypad. The HCDC also offers tuition to help children read and learn for the Criterion Reference Competency Test (CRCT) in Clarke County City.

This service is made possible with the help of dedicated and skilled University of Georgia and neighboring volunteer labor. HCDC provides communal services for disadvantaged young people, with the assistance of individual and partner professionals, as well as excursions to nearby schools and colleges to help encourage them to be good at schools and to experience the wealth of the classical city's heritage.

Christmas season is a season of rejoicing, but it is also a moving memory that many kids will not have a Merry Christmas without the help of the Family. We at HCDC are proud to offer a Christmas present programme for these kids. The HCDC is very grateful to all our sponsors for making this particular experience possible.

Job TREC is working to remove obstacles to sustainable living for the unsuspecting in Athens. The HCDC is proud to have been part of this venture from its very beginning, and is particularly proud that it has evolved and extended to include major institutions in Our Daily Bread, a visiting branch of the Oconee Street United Methodist Church's non-profit services.

1 ) assisting low-income people to safeguard and maintain jobs; 2 ) eliminating obstacles to employing low-income people; and 3 ) establishing a system of benefits that will move customers from being unemployed to self-sufficiency. Work TREC provides case handling and supporting services for unemployed people, including: case handling; transport to and from work or schools; child care; drug tests; workwear and consumables; educational and educational services; counselling on psychological illness and/or drugs misuse; help in procuring documents necessary for jobs and educational purposes (birth certificate, transcript, ID card); and six-month follow-up services once customers move into an apartment.

At a time of prevalent financial difficulties and declining resources for sanitation, HCDC is conscious of the potentially disastrous impact when members of the fellowship find themselves feeling refrigerated, powerless and desperate to make a difference. Our goal is to understand the needs of our fellowship today and to adjust to new opportunities and prosper.

Aware of the importance of citizen engagement at the grass roots level for pro-active responses to the most vulnerable. It is our belief that the services we offer will help to convey a feeling of power, hopefulness for the present and a sense of membership of many that could otherwise become another unseen statistics or even more so another sad one.

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