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The safest way to obtain credit information free of charge.

To find out if you had PPI The PPI was often marketed with other items such as loan, mortgage and credit card sales. This is how you can verify if you had PPI in the past and how you can demand it if you were wrongly resold. What kind of PPI selling was used? Some of the items you should review are: Just how far back should you be checking that out?

It is no longer the responsibility of the entity that sells the insurance to you to keep the stationery. While you still have the right to make a demand, you must produce all the proof yourself. That means you have to look for finance that' s valid for those periods - even if they are shut down or started more than six years ago.

However, the simple way to do this is to review your credit reports: Equifax or CallCredit lists every indebtedness you have had in the last 6 years. For a one-time charge you can view your credit card or get a free evaluation version. Even if you can't tell whether a particular PPI contains a particular PPI or not, this will work.

According to the case of damage, you can assert between 90% and 100% of your incorrectly paid bonuses via the FSCS.

Secure storage of your finance documents | Equifax UK

You will collect many different kinds of finance papers through your lifetime, and as you get older and take out more finance items, the number is likely to increase and become more diversified. While some of these will be on hard copy, more and more extracts and invoices will be sent by electronic means.

Such as the risk of a document being misappropriated or misplaced, which can make it more likely to be misappropriated. How long do I have to keep which finance document? It is proposed that the pay slips be kept for at least 22 month after the end of the fiscal year in which they were drawn up.

Although you do not currently plan to take out a credit or other finance instrument if your creditor requests account statement from the previous year, it will be much simpler to have these records ready. Likewise, credit extracts should be kept even after you have made all payments so that you have proof in case of dispute.

These include your last three months' pay slips, your last 60 P and six months' account statement. What can I do to keep my personal finances securely? Protect both hard copy and e-records against loss, corruption and thievery. Papers you want to keep should be kept in a place that is kept securely, such as a closed file cupboard or even a vault if you have one.

If you do not wish to keep older paper, you should destroy it before throwing it into the can. Secure password and encoding should also be used to secure digital documentation.

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