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With your card | State Bank of India Foreign travelcard As soon as you have received your card, please be sure to personally signature the back of your card and make a note of your personal identification number (PIN). When you have bought an extra card (to be used only by you as a backup), please keep in mind to subscribe to it as soon as you have received it, memorize your personal identification number and keep the extra card in a secure place.

You can use your Foreign Travel Card like a direct debit card at cash dispensers around the world and carry the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. Just select the CREDIT options, type in your personal identification number and how much cash you want to draw (up to the available credit on your card). Customers' responses indicate that some jurisdictions may set their own cash machine withdrawals limit per day or per week for cash machines that set higher limit for credit card withdrawals, which includes your foreign ticket.

Your international travel card can also be used at retailers around the world with the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. In the event that the card does not have sufficient Transaktionens Währungs or the card does not have one of the available currencies, the transfer for the transfer will proceed in the following order with other currencies on the card:

in which case (an) Currency Rate (s) and Cross Currency fee(s) apply - see Charges and Limit table in the Charges and Limit section of this website or in the General Conditions. aSome ATM Providers and Traders may impose a levy or establish their own limit(s).

Before making a payment or making a purchase, please verify whether any charges or limitations apply.

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A fast-track redemption point system gives card holders 20 redemption points for every INR100 ($1.47) issued at any of the Centrally located branches. In addition, the cardholder's food and entertainment expenses receive 10 points of gratification per INR100 ($1.47), while all other category purchases bring the card holder two points of gratification per INR100 ($1.47).

In addition, clients can achieve up to INR4000 ($58.88) per year in annual cost reductions if certain landmark expenses are met.

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