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The BARC Score is BARC's concise, clear overview of the Business Intelligence (BI) market based on detailed user feedback and analysis of products and vendors. There is no other metric that has attracted the attention of companies like the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Score BARC | Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms 2018 The BARC Score is focused on enterprises BI platforms that are capable of meeting a variety of BI needs within the organization. The BARC Score analyses the strength and weakness of large BI platforms, as well as several smaller BI providers that are often less visible but still deliver superior value to their clients.

Business intelligence (BI) tool markets are fiercely contested, with some large internationally established companies, many successfull providers with decade-long experience and innumerable smaller experts with alternate and sometimes groundbreaking BI approach. Analyzing the strength and challenge of the leaders in delivering value to clients who want to deploy a "modern" BI business computing environment.

An advanced enterprise-level BI and analysis infrastructure is capable of meeting legacy and exploratory BI and analysis needs both for stand-alone information and information and for integration into business operations as well. As the importance of information grows to help manage decision making, but also to improve the efficiencies and efficiencies of business processs-and the number of data-based product, service, and business models-a state-of-the-art BI business intelligence solution is an essential foundation for any organization looking to successfully adapt to the digitization of marketplaces.

An advanced BI and analysis environment must be able to handle a wide variety of use cases. Our technological infrastructures comprise flourishing enterprises such as datamarches and datamarts, datacom integrators, datastreamers, datastreamers, storage facilities and many other technology platforms. In addition to purchasing a state-of-the-art enterprise-class BI and analysis solution, companies should have a BI policy that goes well beyond architectural design to encompass non-technical and evolving business-oriented needs, business strategic direction, organisational modeling, result-oriented priorities, and a real road map.

BARC Score Business Intelligence has two different include criteria: the first is associated with a supplier's deliverables and the second is associated with the bottom line of those deliverables. In order to be rated in this BARC score, a provider must concentrate strongly on delivering BI capabilities and deliver four out of six technology out of the following feature portfolio: In additional, the provider must deliver the above mentioned suite of software licenses to at least 15 million in licensing revenues per year across at least two different regions.

Providers with an open sourced business paradigm are valued according to their overall turnover as they levy an annuity rather than a licence for their use.

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