Scottish Bridging Loans

Schottische bridging loans

Are you looking for a bridging loan in Scotland? Please click here to find out how our Bridging Finance was successfully implemented in Scotland. Our credit is financed through a mixture of retail clients, low-profile retail fund / finance institution or hedging fund.

Our credit is financed through a mixture of retail clients, low-profile retail fund / finance institution or hedging fund. Our ability to draw on our extensive experience and know-how enables us to provide structured transactions and fund solutions that other credit providers are not able to provide.

Our privately owned financing facilities enable us to help you fund quickly and flexibly, closing a loophole where commercial banking and other so-called specialised lending institutions cannot provide or help. Bridging financial markets have seen a doubling last year as more and more real estate experts have taken unfailing advantages of the rapidity and versatility of bridging loans.

An interim credit may be used either to buy a piece of real estate, to finance development and renovation or to free up capital from existing real estate. It took 3 workingdays from the first request to the borrowing of the credit for the fastest transaction we saw. Loans can be granted for a term of 1 to 18 month.


Often those who need financing to buy a home turn to a conventional creditor such as a local savings institution or local banks. The first point of contact is often a banking or home savings institution where there may be some expertise in financing mortgages or uncollateralised loans.

It may be, however, that securitizing financing through a conventional creditor is not the best choice for you. Tradicional creditors, for example, will not provide a mortgages for the purchase of an immovable real estate. Real estate is considered nonmortgageable by a local banking institution if its value is less than 50,000, it has problems with its structure and it does not have a bath or toilet or a fitted or decayed cottage.

After all, one of the main problems in contacting conventional real estate financing creditors is their long and tedious recruitment procedure. Bridging credit is a form of financing specifically conceived for short-term use; it has the capacity to deliver a significant part of the financing in a timely manner.

The bridging loans are particularly useful when there is a financing shortage as they can be used to fill the gaps until long-term financing is available. Bridging financing has the advantage of securing a high level of credit to value (LTV). A number of creditors are willing to offer up to 75% LTV; it is even possible to reach up to 80% LTV with the right creditor and extra collateral.

Bridge loans are exclusively intended for short-term borrowing and the creditors usually arrange a financing period of between 3 and 24 mn. Brief financing periods are ideal for situations where there is a transient financing shortfall, such as when you are awaiting the sale of a real estate asset.

Shorter financing periods enable you to obtain substantial principal without having to commit to long-term credit contracts. They need a clear withdrawal scheme to be eligible for a bridging credit. This is the way in which you want to pay back the loans at the end of the financing period.

One example of an Exit-Plan is to use the revenue from the sales of your current real estate to pay back the bridging loans. Bridging loans have one of the strong points of how flexible they can be and many purchasers use them because of their versatility. A bridging credit can help you safe valuable times and money if you are planning to buy a home for housing purposes.

An interim credit can also be useful if you have purchased a piece of real estate at an auctions. Buying to lease mortgages would be the typical outcome for bridging financing in this case. The bridging loans are versatile and can be used for mixed-use objects such as a bar with an apartment on the upper floor.

The financing of a mixed-use real estate can be a problem as well. The simple way of a bridging credit, according to your situation, may make it possible to obtain the financing you need for your mixed-use real estate. The use of a good financial intermediary can make all the difference. No.

As a specialised real estate financier, our strengths lie in our large ecosystem of credit providers with whom we work on a day-to-day to day to provide the best financing solution for our customers.

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