Second Loan

Additional loan

Talc buisness Regardless of whether you have seized a new chance or want to implement a company expansion program, you may need more funding to achieve this. When you have repaid an outstanding loan, you are free to request a new loan. You can choose to work with the same or a different creditor.

However, regardless of who you are applying to, the recruitment procedure starts all over again. As an alternative, you can request a commercial loan from another creditor with less strict authorisation requirements. Finally, an important phrase about your creditworthiness. In 99 percent of cases, this loan review is what is known as a "hard check".

When you decide on too many applications in a hurry, it seems irregular. However, some creditors may think that you or your company are in difficulty.

Applying for a job

When you are authorized to continue, you will need to submit a number of documentation to help us evaluate your present individual circumstances and your course of operations since taking out your first Start-up Credit. You may also be asked to submit other types of verifying document, which may include, but are not restricted to, your account statement, identity card, postal addresses and your visas (if applicable).

After you have filed your keys, your request will be forwarded to the Delivery Provider who handled your first credit request. You will be assigned by your delivery provider to a professional adviser who will assist you in finalising your request and your evaluation work. If your supplier is no longer associated with the Start Up Loans program, please be aware that we will refer you to another supplier who will assist you in supporting and evaluating your request.

Remember that, pending this concluding evaluation, you may need to give further information to assist your recruitment.

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