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Would you like a second mortgage to collect money for your existing home? By making the mortgage process simple, Clydesdale Bank allows you to spend time finding your perfect home. Therefore, it is important to only lend against your house if you are as sure as possible that you can pay it back.

Usually they are used for large loans from £10,000 to up to £250,000.

As you lend a large amount of cash, you will usually lend over a longer period - from five years to 30 years. In order to qualify for a homeowners mortgage, you must have capital in your home. So if you have been owning your home for a while (so you have been paying some off the mortgage available) or if house prices in your area have gone up then you should have equities that you can lend against.

Creditors will be able to see these on your mortgage record and may not be willing to let you take out a private mortgage if you fall behind with the payments. When your budgets are already pretty low, it's probably a good suggestion to start saving rather than lending more cash.

Intelligently Lending Ltd (Credit Broker). We are the sole creditor of this transaction.

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Whether a place to put your mind in the town, or even end-of-week stud-hole, a second home mortgage will help you buy an extra one. Do not confuse with a re-mortgage or second batch mortgage, a mortgage for a second home is separated from any loan on your current real estate.

What is the difference between a second home mortgage? The second mortgage is different from a simple mortgage because you will already be making quarterly payments on a mortgage, something that the lender will take into consideration when considering your suitability and affordable size. If you choose to reside in the new home, it will still be considered a second home mortgage.

In addition, you will probably need a bigger down payment for a second home than your first and the interest rate may be slightly higher. The second mortgage is conceived as a second home buying scheme in which you partly reside. When you are considering making a buy as a buy-to-let capital outlay, a mortgage intended for this may be more appropriate.

Are you willing to buy a second home?

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