Second Property Mortgage

Mortgage for second property

All you need to know for 2017 If you are looking for a property, you will profit in the long term if you do your home work right from the start. Infrastructure changes have a major impact on property values, as do the climate and neighborhood conveniences such as streets, school buildings and shopping. When you are planning to rent the property, you need a buy-to-let mortgage.

In order to be eligible for this kind of mortgage, you will usually need a 25-40 percent or higher margin in order to be able to get the best available offers. For 2017, the only significant amendment we know of is the introduction of new landlord incentives. Even though most lessors are not affected (taxable landowners who, for example, earn less than 40,000), it is still a good idea to take this into account now.

When you plan to buy a buy-to-let in 2017, you also need to consider the Brexit effect. A new building will give you no movable chains to be worried about and a tidy schist to allow you to bring your own personality into the property.

Did you hear about renting?

Let-to-buy is a phenomena that is on the advance - and curious it is an available choice both for the homeowner and for those who settle down. When your current house is not sold, has lost value and/or has abandoned you in terms of your own capital - as there are currently half a million homes in the UK - let to buy allows you to continue without having to lose money toell.

Let to buy is a way to begin to build a real estate portfolios for home owners who own their entire homes, or as a consequence of a new property ownership agreement where both sides have an excess of assets - let to buy is a way to begin with. Even if the property is in an area where property values are increasing, you will still profit from the interlock.

"This is a good thing when it comes to real estate investments and you always want to have your highest interest rates on the property. So usually, if you have a mortgage on the property, you would move it to the new property and get a buy-to-lease mortgage on your home," says von Grundherr.

Remember that the buy-to-lease mortgage interest tends to be higher than the home loan and at the best interest rate will have higher handling charges and will demand a deposit of around 40%. They know the property and the neighborhood - and thus the prospective rent markets.

Don't just get a mortgage and keep your fingers crossed. Do it. Ensure that your property is legal (especially electricity or gas), has an energy certificate and is secure to let.

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