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At present, our online banking services are not optimized for use on a mobile telephone. Meanwhile, for the best viewing experiences, you can choose to connect to the services on either a desk, notebook, or portable computer. Currently, it is only available for those bank balances opened after 24 November 2017. Have you opened your bank before 24 November 2017?

Don't be afraid, we will get in touch with your log-in details as part of our online banking roll-out program. When you need support with your bankroll, please call our savings team on 0345 111 7092 / 0121 683 6451.

Lloyds Spoofed Bank Important - Secure Bank Documents Supplied by Trickbot Bank er Trojan White Paper

You use e-mail and subject lines that discourage or tempt a person to view the e-mail and open the attachments. That'?s what the e-mail looks like: Company headquarters: Domicile of Lloyds Bank plc: Today's Microsoft Offices - Microsoft 2010, 2013, 2016, and Microsoft 365 - should automate their settings to increase data protection.

Once you turn off Guarded Viewer control and macro controls, opening this evil Microsoft Word file will cause you to become infected, and a simple preview in your Microsoft Outlook or e-mail clients might be enough to do. The majority of these vicious Microsoft Office docs either seem to be completely empty or look similar when opened in secure viewing modes, which should be the case in Office 2010, 2013, 2016, and 365.

NEVER activate a macro or edit under any circumstance. They will not be contagious if you have not activated macro in Excel or Word. Those macro do not run in " " Open Offices, Libre Offices, Word Perfect or any other Microsoft Word or Excel file reader.

Exercise extreme caution with e-mail messages. Basically, NEVER open an e-mail attachement unless you expect it.

When opening the documents, if the Guarded Modes panel does NOT appear, Activate Edit Modes or Activate Macros, the documents will look empty or receive a alert, but be secure. Remember that there are a number of questionable documents in Words that will spread and become infected without you having to do anything if you are still using an outdated or fragile one.

That' s a good excuse to upgrade your Microsoft Excel applications to the latest versions and stop using Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007. Urging you to upgrade your Microsoft Exchange to the latest release and stop endangering yourself by using old, outdated softwares.

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