Secured Visa Card

Visa secured card

MasterCard SecureCode - what does it mean? "SecureCode " is a safe on-line payments system available only for MasterCard card use. They use the 3-D 3-D system to check your card holder's ID at the following address: Secure? (3DS). Authentification process is easy and consists of 3 stages.

- Placement of your booking and entry of your debt or charge card details.

  • When the security system for your card is enabled, a 3-D Secure Card Secure? screen opens. You will be asked by your merchant to authenticate your account by providing an authentification number. Most of the time it is a unique safety token sent to you by text message. - Enter the right safety codes and your booking will be validated once your booking has been made.

For more information about this offer and the conditions of use, please consult your local banking institution. After 3 unsuccessful authentification tries, your transactions will be aborted and a block will be placed on your card. If this is the case, you must get in touch with your local banking institution.


And what is SecureD3D? Secure shopping from Audi Bank using 3-D Secure. 3-D Secure offers you a secure passwort to secure your on-line transaction, similar to using your personal identification number at an ATM. Using Secure means that you cannot complete an on-line transaction without using the Secure passwords, even if someone knows your card number.

You can add an additional level of protection to your card by signing up and generating a secure 3-D key.

ERADICATE Mastercard and Visa Passwords Login - The Register

The 3-D Secure is used both by safety professionals, who claim that it can readily be bypassed by Phishing attack, and by traders, who say that the only advantage of the system is that it allows bankers to deflect responsibility in the event of payment fraud. "It' s well known that password errors are very common: poor ones are difficult to memorize and guessed; poor ones are difficult to memorize, but difficult to guess," Janus said.

"So, the change from Mastercard to Visa is definitely interesting."

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