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Best Security CD 10 CDistros ( Pen-Test, Forensics & Recovery ) This is an imaginative fusion between WHax and Auditor (WHoppix). The BackTrack is the culmination of the merger of two cutting-edge penetration testing Linux packages, Whax and Auditor, which combine the best functionality from both packages and pay particular attention to small detail, probably the best release of both packages ever released.

That means the deployment can be customized slightly by the users to incorporate custom scripting, extra utilities, customized kernel, etc. Operating is a very full-featured live CD that fully focuses on networking security (with open code of course). Operating System is a full Linux (Debian) Linux package that works from a CD and completely works in random access memory.

Provides a comprehensive suite of open source networking security utilities that can be used to monitor and detect networking. As a result, practically any computer can be converted into a stylus test instrument for networking security without the need to run installation programs. The server also contains a number of computer-aided predictive and disaster recovery utilities that can be used to help you retrieve information on the locale system.

The PHLAK or [P]rofessional [H]acker's [L]inux[A]ssault [K]it is a Linux Express module distributed by Lloyd Linux (alias LiveCD). The PHLAK comes with two lightweight gui's (Fluxbox and XFCE4), many safety features and a safety log book with safety document. PHLAK is mainly built on penetration testing and is a must for any professional hacker/pen-taester.

The Auditor, although the merger with WHax is already in progress, is still an outstanding option. Auditor Security Library is a live system on the basis of KNOPPIX. Regardless of the type of HW, the Auditor Security collection provides a standardized working enviroment to facilitate the building of know-how and provide local and regional customer service. L.A.S Linux or Local Area Security has also been around for quite some while, although it has been a little sluggish lately, it is still a useful CD.

 Local Area Security Linux is a CD local CD distributor with a focus on security utilities and small space requirements. The STD is a Linux-based security tool. Actually, it is a compilation of hundred if not thousand of open code security utilities. It is a Linux Distro, i.e. it will run from a CD that is capable of booting in storage without modifying the mother computer OS of the computer it is running on.

It' s only aim in your lifetime is to provide you with as many security utilities as possible, with as elegant an interfacing as possible. The Helix is a modified version of the Knoppix live liux CD. The Helix is more than just a booting CD. And you can continue to booting into a custom kernel based solution that contains custom kernel, superior metal discovery, and many incident response and forked application capabilities.

Somewhat outdated, but still the most powerful booting open-source forensic solution. Got some pin test fixtures on it, too. The FIRE is a handheld booting cdrom-based distro that aims to provide an immediate setting for analyzing files forensically, reacting to incidents, recovering files, performing antivirus scans, and analyzing vulnerabilities. nUbuntu or Network Ubuntu is quite new in the live CD arenas, since the Ubuntu on which it is built is itself quite new.

It is a powerful all-round candidate without a special emphasis on one area (network analytics, disasters recover, anti-virus, forensics and so on). The INSERT is a full featured booting system for Windows based systems. This is not necessarily a security problem, but definitely the tightest and smoothest live CD deployment. The KNOPPIX is a CD or CD ready for booting with a set of GNU/Linux softwares, auto detect capabilities and supports many graphic boards, audio boards, PCSI and peripheral equipment.

The KNOPPIX can be used as a Linux production desk, education CD, emergency system or as a plattform for business demonstrations.

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