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This story is used to give you a personal credit rating that lenders can see when deciding on your applications for new products. FICO was developed by Fair Isaac Corporation and is the best-known credit rating system in the United States. The creditworthiness is insufficient and should not be treated as gospel.


Generally put, it is a picture within your credit reporting that is used by possible lenders, retailer or services provider to assess your eligibility for credit. Though most of us would prefer living our lives without taking out credit, the real is, unless you are unbelievably wealthy in money or living in a den, you are going to have to apply for credit at some point in time.

This can be a credit line, a home or a credit line. Renters can be rewarded for their montly rent payment by signing up here at Credit Ladder for our services.

facebook has TRUST reviews for people.

" Early this year, Facebook acknowledged that it was introducing confidence assessments for print and online communications. In the process, message sites were rated according to the level of detail of the messages they reported. We then use this evaluation to determine which articles should be advertised higher in the user's newsfeeds. Similarly, Facebook uses reviews from consumers to assess the overall picture of the content of its mailings.

What is the Facebook system of evaluating users like? On Facebook The Sun said that the system works like this..... Facebook spokesman said to The Sun: "Actually, what we do: We have devised a procedure to prevent random users from marking messages as forged and trying to play the system. Facebook's own scoring system is the latest initiative to combat counterfeit messages, a burgeoning issue for the community networking industry.

At the beginning of this year, Facebook millionaire Mark Zuckerberg swore to combat counterfeit messages. "Facebook has a great deal to do," said the 34-year-old Harvard dropout. Who' s Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook? "What is really important to me is the quest to make the outside word open," Facebook has acknowledged that his website was the object of Russian counterfeiting campaign.

In January, Samidh Chakrabarti, who leads the civil commitment on Facebook, said: Think Facebook is right to evaluate the credibility of its people? You got a history for the Sun Online newsgroup?

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