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Do you know that Self Certified mortgages no longer exist? self-certification The Credit Reporting Agency Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Company References 690175). The Credit Reporting Agency Limited is a credit bureau which has been filed with the Information Commissioner's Bureau, Register Number Zy6636832. The Credit Reporting Agency Limited est située en Angleterre, à Trevithick House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR4 08UN, Sitz.

We may ask you to give us information that may slow down your credit report if we are not able to check your ID on-line when you sign up. All available information is obtained from Callcredit, Rediva and Equifax.

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Because of the ongoing subprime crisis, self-certification mortgage loans are not available, if the circumstances change, we will change this section. The majority of creditors will complement this information with loan research. When you are a homeowner, you will be asked to provide your mortgage statement and when you rent, the mortgage provider will ask for a mortgage from your lessor.

Because of the recent financial crisis, 95% self-cert mortgage are not available, if the circumstances change, we will change this section. When you have a recent mortgage and are self-employed, you can apply for a self-certified mortgage of up to 95% of the value of the mortgage. Do You Have Near-Track Mortgage Or Self Certificate Mortgage ?

An important point to bear in mind is that a genuine self-certification mortgage is different from a quick mortgage. Would you like free mortgage counselling with self-certification? Before you hedge other debt against your home, think twice before you take your home out; your home may be taken back if you do not hold repayment on your mortgage.

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ATTENTION: Self-certified mortgage loans are currently not available. Which is a self-certified mortgage? The majority of creditors will only ask you to subscribe to a statement in which they agree that you can pay back the loans, but as consultants it will be necessary for us to evaluate your financial viability and to do so we will ask you to furnish adequate proof of your income.

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