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With the Shell MasterCard from Citi, you get great rewards. Shell cooperates with Citi Retail on new Fuel Rewards credit lines Shell Oil Products US has teamed up with Citi Retail Services and Fuel Rewards, Excentus, to bring new credit card products to the market for its clients. Shell's new Mastercard and own brand, Shell Fuel Revards Card, have been developed to enable both full and partial reductions in gasoline consumption as part of the Shell Fuel Revards program.

Those rewards provide refunds of petrol and certain discounts on fuel-free purchases at the associated Shell retailer-stores. Furthermore, card holders receive automated affiliation to the Fuel Rewards program. Husqvarna Oil Products US General Payment for North America Chris Suess said: "Shell is committed to delivering new and exciting offers to our clients.

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Credit Card Shell -

Shell's credit card is provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and although prices are not the cheapest, you should consider a 5.9% annual percentage rate of charge on credit transfer for the life of the credit. PlusPoints can also be earned for every Shell Plus point you buy, which you can trade for gas.

The Shell credit card is actually provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland and provides a fair 5.9% annual percentage rate of charge on balances, which is set for the duration of the transaction. Ultimately, the most important sales argument of the Shell credit card is the opportunity to earn PlusPoints on every sale.

PLUS POINTS are a kind of Air Points for propellant, and your first Shell credit card purchases will earn you 1,500 points - about 10 pounds of gasoline. You get more points if you stay at Shell gas stations: Up to 43 points for every 20 you spent. Though interest is not the most competetive rate we have seen, if you are the kind of individual who makes many mileage, spends a great deal on plastics, and fully spends your credit card credit every months, the free gasoline offering could help you safe a few drops; as an alternative, you can earn Air Points on Air Tickets or gift certificates for stores in the main streets.

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