Short a Loan

Briefly a loan

Like to use a short loan. High demand books are kept in our Short Loan collections. Short Loan Collection consists of articles that are in high demand or are not available in digital form.

Universitätsbibliothek : Short loan period

Short Loan Collection consists of products that are in high popularity or are not available in digitized form. Short Loan Collection comprises volumes, DVD's and magazines, all of which are ordered in shelf brand order, and magazine article sorted from A to Z according to name. Literature from literature listings can often be found in the Short Loan Collection.

Here you can review the tracks from your readings. Where can I find out if the article I am looking for is in the Short Loan Collection? Have a look at the catalog or click on the links from your books. Once the product detail is shown, you will be informed of the loan status and area.

¿Who can lend short-term loans? University members can lend from the short credit library. What is the maximum number of short-term loans I can lend? Three objects at a time. For how long can I keep short loan articles? Is it possible to book a Short Loan article? Can I extend a Short Loan article?

If, however, the article was not loaned 15 min after it was handed back, you can do so. How can I give back short loan articles? At the Help and Information Desk, near the booking racks. If I send back a Short Loan article belatedly, what happens?

£1.00 per article per lesson will be invoiced!

Loan period: Short introductory period - Oxford Brookes University

Library tries to buy e-books or several photocopies of the most requested ones. Even the one-week loan term is unreasonable in periods of high enquiry. This is why the teachers tell us which of our favourite works are likely to be the most sought-after, and these are included in the short loan collection.

Short loan articles are all available for a period of 4 or 24 hrs and can be lent by the student in parallel to the regular loan. Personnel and scientists can rent up to four objects at the same times.

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