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Providing credit data and verification services to assist short-term lenders with responsible lending. The OCC promotes short-term, small dollar loans to private individuals

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (the'OCC') published a notice on 23 May 2018 calling on OCC regulated institutions to provide short-term, small instalment credits to sub-prime borrower able to pay back the credits. OCC's location constitutes a significant shift in the roles that OCC regulated banking institutions can play in meeting the short-term borrowing needs of customers, especially those with low ratings.

According to the report, the central bank and German saving organisations are in a unique position to provide responsive short-term loans that are consistent with the OCC's key competencies. It is important that the following guidelines and practice are also listed in the bulletin, which should be taken into account by its banking community when providing these types of loans: Loans and repayments that comply with grant and subscription requirements and encourage equitable handling and applicant accessibility.

Analytics that use in-house and outside information resources, as well as deposits, to evaluate a consumer's credibility and control exposure to debtors. It could help make it easier to offer solid lending to those who are able to pay back loans but do not comply with established lending practices. Prompt notification of a borrower's redemption operations to the bureau.

Borrower should be able to prove good borrowing behaviour, establish a loan record or re-create creditworthiness values and move into complementary primary finance as well. In view of the considerable sizing of the short-term banking sector, the OCC Bulletin is likely to lead many to consider competition from "payday" and other non-bank lenders in the short-term small margin loan area.

The decision as to whether or not to provide these loan facilities requires however that the bank weighs the significant strategy, loan and regulatory risk against the expected return on these facilities. You can find the full text of the OCC' s newsletter here.

Short term creditor for the assumption of juridical and expert fees

Mr. Glenhawk will assume the attorney and expert expenses of his client for the next three month. By default, the short-term real estate creditor started in January does not calculate any administrative, exiting, early maturity or renewal charges - but the offering to meet your statutory and expert expenses is limited in time. Mr. Guy Harrington, Glenhawk's CEO, said:

"The offer to reimburse our client's lawyer and expert expenses, i.e. the cooperation with us, means that our mandates bear our interest rate on a per months basis with absolute no concealed or extra outlay. Early this week Glenhawk took a 75 million pound line from Shawbrook Bank and an unrevealed wealth management firm - a Glenhawk spokesperson said the money would be used to speed up the pace of credit portfolio upturn.

Started in January, the lending agency will target real estate investors, buy-to-let landlords and small and mid-sized businesses and will be backed by Rightmove' founder and former nationwide managing director Harry Hill. "Glenhawk was drawn to my ambitions to do things differently and I can already see that with its services and innovation in the charging system, Glenhawk is creating a new benchmark for the industry."

"It' s always good to create more competitive conditions in the specialised real estate markets and any extra support that lenders can offer customers is welcome.

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