Short Term Loan Network

A short-term loan network

Short-term and undersigned lenders. Loan Txt At Txtloan - With a single text you can get up to 300 pounds in a few moments!

Txtloan was founded in 2008 and targets to solve day-to-day liquidity problems, such as overdrafts, by making available up to 500 in short-term credit for 15 workdays. The TxtLoan is a high-tech take -away loan that allows customers to easily apply for a loan via SMS.

Once our sign-up is free and fifteen working day later the customer pays back £117 (for a £100 loan). Over 500,000 people have already signed up with us and once signed up and authorised, they can apply for a loan on-line or via a text messaging service by submitting the "PIN" 100 15 to 60999 loan.

In a few moments the loan is transfered to your giro transfer system (we make payment in full every 15 minutes). TxtLoan, as a conscientious creditor, does not practise rollovers! There are guidelines to prevent the "debt spiral" - Borrower cannot use a new loan to pay back an outstanding loan or to pay back only the interest component of a loan they have with us, often called a " rolling of loans ".

At TxtLoan we use an affiliate-friendly graduated fee system and pay for ALL GOOD LINES (confirmed registrations) that you make available to us. Effective client contacts are defined by 4 parameters: first name, last name, e-mail and number. What makes this different from our price plan is that you do not have to await a customer's approval from us; you earn royalties for a base enrollment.

Come join us and begin sponsoring the UK's cheapest and quickest text loan firm now! You must be at least 18 years old, live in the UK, receive a steady income of at least 400 and have a UK banking accout with an activated debit line and a cell telephone and e-mail in order to be eligible for a TxtLoan authorised short-term loan.

Txtloan, as a creditor with a sense of responsibility, wants to ensure that the client can repay the loan on schedule and without difficulty. The Txtloan reserves the right to change these conditions at any moment and without prior notification.

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