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Short-term, tailor-made real estate loans for property developers, investors and entrepreneurs. interim financing Bridge financing and short-term real estate loans for investor and developer. Investement Property Partners is a premier real estate property investor, providing advice to UK and international property owners. In essence, interim financing, often referred to as interim financing, is a relatively easy to access and secure short-term real estate financing facility that allows real estate buyers and sellers to quickly take advantage of time-sensitive value added options.

A major advantage of this type of interim financing is that the term of the credit can be very short - sometimes 24 hrs - while the maximal term can be up to 12 month or more. That means there is a lot of leeway and scope for borrower s-regardless of their individual financing circumstances.

A further big plus is that the lender's choice to grant a bridge credit is usually made within a few short acres. In principle, this type of interim financing can be an effective instrument for those who urgently need money to pay for lucrative property and developer developments.

Are you interested in bridge financing & short-term real estate loans? One of the other factors that real estate developers find appealing is short-term bridge loans: Purchase at bidding, which usually requires a significant and immediate down payment as part of the purchase transaction. Bridge a financing gap between the purchase and disposal of a property if a disposal is retarded.

Fast procurement of a contribution to safeguard the purchase of real estate. When used in the right conditions, interim funding can provide a number of important advantages, among them: Funding is quickly assured, usually within 7 to 14 workingdays, often faster when it comes to time. Maturities are often more variable, usually between 1 and 12 month, to better meet the borrower's funding needs.

When a higher amount of credit is needed, the borrowing party may be able to provide extra collateral. Actually, real estate buyers and sellers should check each phase of a development and choose the most appropriate financing solutions that meet their particular requirements. In order to make sure that an Investor receives the best possible financing for his investment, he should be well prepared and have a detailed understanding of the credit requirements typically demanded by specialized short-term creditors.

According to the creditor, a real estate developer may be obliged to make a number of payments related to the credit request itself. These financing charges will, however, normally not be higher than two percent of the overall amount of the loans. Usually this exiting charge is one months interest and is calculated regardless of whether the credit has reached its full term or not.

In addition, you should always incur lawyer's costs, as with any other financing options. We are a premier real estate asset management firm, providing our customers with competent advisory services and assistance in achieving their goals in all of our areas of specialisation.

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