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John Stones shows silent splendour for Manchester City | Barney Ronay | Football

In the Manchester Derby, John Stones didn't make much of an impression: he didn't make it to the headlines, wasn't picked out in the post-match assembly, didn't come over to start a valiant, goal-bound besiege staple, or led the shot around his blood-stained forehead with a tapered blanket.

That' usually a good sign when it comes to Stones, a gamer who only seems to be selected when he makes a blunder, and whose re-run of forms in a re-configured defense provides another compelling point that City may be willing to grab down and go down a little this year.

Pieces, if you don't see the stones: These are the best pieces, a piece whose charm always catches the attention on the balls, but is best when it fits into the pieces around it. From the beginning City had been dominating the property, scoring two dreaming gates and spending the last hours pouring like a sky-blue flood around the statically coloured scarlet reds.

When Lukaku found his place behind Stones, he pressed upward, a small error that was turned into a significant one by Ederson's choice to rabbit out and rattle into the Belgian'skles. A few seconds later Lukaku fell low and hit a high shot over Stones. However, on this opportunity there was coverage, and Fernandinho sprinted back with neurological prudence to occupy the room.

Lukaku was holding the bal in the middle ring a few seconds later. Stones came in this turn with true anger, so close to his husband's back that he seemed to be trying to make a rolled mouth in Rally Unionstyle. Within these few minute's the cities tuned in to the hooves, the stones, Fernandinho and Aymeric Laporte, who operated as a composite brains, changing their position, marked their clinical areas a little narrower, and covered lucacus stripes with the back to the target.

Saintones even succeeded in avoiding a foam for the whole gripper in the middle ring - an important element in itself. This is a good stone status: he is on a series of five Premier League matches without making a Foul. Here's another good stone status.

After returning to the opening XI against Liverpool at the beginning of October, City still has to admit a gate from open game. At the moment, Stones has the highest passport clearance rates of any Premier League players, no small thing considering the risk the city are taking when you consider that they are behind, not to speak of... wait a minute.

In this devastating home derby victory and two years after his downtown carrier, Chuck Stones has never - ever - repeated, never - ever defeated a Premier League encounter when he was playing a full fixture at Etihad Stadium. The town has become a steaming powerhouse. Above all, this is a real side, to the degree that you can build a viktorian hat stand made of pickled maple at the centre of this defense on most weekend defences, and it might have a good opportunity to put the Premier League side of the campaign on their own.

Despite everything, Stones was great against United - all a long-lasting body, aggressively if necessary, and with a comfortable calm on the shot. Two times in the second half, he led the defending side out of the net, fooling and weaving past three United opponents, a lightness in his grip that immediately changed the form of the match, allowing his side to move again, catch their breath, take their initial position again.

It' a major change in shape for a gambler whose careers are turbulent and whose styles are often inherently marginal. Stones was gutted two years ago by professional TV players after a mistake-prone 4-0 loss to Everton.

That is the Stones formula, a equilibrium of marginally won and occasionally set-backs; a division between his capacity to perform the Guardiola genre and the fact that he is far from being a mere brander, the traditionally powerful bloodsucker, for whom such errors would cancel out anything else he brings to the group.

There' s a good explanation why Pep Guardiola praised the stone of the stone at this infamous news briefing and insisted that his husband keep playing anxiously. System requires it, and system wins matches, even if it occasionally has a Ric in the background. It is the equation of gain and losses, a system that works wonderfully when stone works as it has in the last few years.

The city' s resistance in recent matches is a feature of the three-man Guardiola squad that was built in the presence of Nicolás Otamendi. Stones and Laporte look to the right as a pair defensive: one with right and the other with a right foot; both big and fit; both fast enough to get to a high line; both good enough on the shot to kick off medium.

Sunday interactions with Fernandinho on Sunday confirm this sense of solidness and a pleasant pep-style flow. The Guardiola like Otamendi because he won "the duels" and he like Vincent Kompany because, well, he's Vincent Kompany. However, if we think that the squad looks quite profitable for those who defend, it's quite simple to find yourself emboldened by the more energetic power of Stones-Laporte, the ability that when it comes to the Champions' Leagues City, Full Guardiola could go from back to front with a real protective couple of players.

Stones and Raheem Sterling will join forces with England from here, Guardiola's presents to the squad, and together with Harry Kane and Harry Maguire, the most enhanced members of this new Englisheration. Thereafter, the city has a series of ten winning matches, with a journey to Chelsea in the premier division trapped in the center.

The height that this squad can achieve depends to a certain extent on the subtle shape of Laporte; and on Stones maintaining that slight contact, a defense against stars that is never quite as good as when you hardly noticed it. Our paper revenue had declined and the technology that linked us to a worldwide public had deducted the publicity dollars from the newsgroups.

We are beginning to emerge from the pressing economic crisis we have been confronted with, thanks to all those people who have contributed to our research based editorial work, through our articles, our memberships and our subscription services.

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