Sites like Credit Karma

Pages like Credit Karma

Mom has already given websites her CC number once because she thought it would be free. Your grandmother". credit karma "your grandma" REALLY? It looks like it was made by a 5-year-old, and the voice-over is like a 30-year-old girl giving an idea of an older girl, This ad makes me look ridiculous. 3 ) for the fact that that's not my grandmother.

.. it's a fraud. Ninety-nine years old, my grandmother only ever listened to me on the web.

That would-be hacker grannie has to try to let some kind of fraud go on me, get my credit information as well as my mystery to a very juicy Thanksgiving Turkey.... Admittedly, the "grandma" sounded about as much like a true "older woman" as my sister, and my sister is 28.

Someone on Youtube said that she was sounding like a 19-year-old who was trying too hard too harshly to be an old lady, and asked herself why she hadn't hired an old lady to do the voice-over. Someone else said she was in her 30s. "Thanks Credit Karma, my grandmother is gone (she passed away in 2003) How kind of you to remember me!

By the way, my grandmother never used to sound like that! and if you get on her wrong side, you'd be sorry. And my grandmother didn't even know how to turn on a computer, nor did she want to. Well, the "grandma" in the ad is quite technical.

At least she knows she can't give out her credit number. I also guess that grandmother has the skills to know when something is technically fishing, but I don't understand why she's angry that you'll be burdened if you don't stop the free credit review after a certain amount of work.

As a rule, they tell you that you will be billed if you do not terminate the free subscription after one year. If you read the small letters, you will know that you have to stop the printing process? Recall those CDs that Time Life used to spend on Pennys that said in big words that you didn't have to do anything to get that CD for Pennys, and the smallprint clearly said that you had to quit after a months, otherwise you would be included in the musical programme and have to foot 12.

It was clear that folks had to reread the small letters. Oh, my grandpa's about 86 years old and so cute. He' s on facingbook and all the network pages. and the grandmother says it sound too "scary." "He' d do great here, considering how much we complain about things."

LOL, I like your grandfather already! "He' d do great here, considering how much we complain about things." You were just doing a similar ad this evening. The same kitschy cartoon, the same fake stereotyped old man's voices, only now it was grandfather instead of grandma.

" You' ve got a grandpa outside now. IOL @ GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!! In Back to the Future, you know, when the actor Loraine plays had to claim to be old enough to be Marty's mother (but in reality she was in the'20s)...she did the same forged old woman's vote as the character in that ad.

Hadn't seen my grandfather yet, but the kid looks upset. Dear God, in this spot Trey Parker plays a more persuasive old woman's part than the "Grandma". Grandmother passed away in 1995, so if she didn't have something important to say, I don't think she'd come back just to remember that Credit Karma is "free".

If you' re not REALLY old, most grandmothers were now 60s kids and will NEVER look like that. Damn it, I know a girl who was on grill in the early '90s.

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