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Loans Small Business Finance

Microcredits for small businesses that help you to be successful. Loans to small businesses offer an easy, inexpensive way to borrow for your business. Corporate finance is available for any type of business, no matter how large or small. But many entrepreneurs rely on this type of financing to start and grow their businesses.

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Boost Capital's microcredit authorisation is primarily grounded in the recent commercial record and general corporate wellbeing. With loans in the 3,000 to 500,000 range, a small credit can be the answer to any business need, whether you're buying new appliances, renovating offices, replenishing stocks or just need an inflow of funds as a buffer during a sluggish seasonal period.

For more information on our interest rate on loans below 25K please read our faq.

Corporate finance | Start-up loans

Don't let a shortage of funds stop you! Enterprise-Northern Ireland is engaged in providing two credit funds that can help companies set up and thrive. Launch loans have been available in Northern Ireland since November 2013 and are part of a range of initiatives aimed at boosting entrepreneurship in the UK and boosting the expansion of our domestic and regional economy.

Seed loans' key to successful entrepreneurship resides in the two-pronged nature of helping early-stage companies to find financing not only for start-ups and growth, but above all for the assistance they need to be successful. Enterprises Northern Ireland is the formal supplier of the Start-up Loan Programme. NI Small Business Loan Fund is part of the Invest NI Access to Finance policy and was established in April 2013.

Responding to a demanding commercial climate and access difficulties for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), micro-enterprises and welfare businesses in Northern Ireland, Invest NI (Northern Ireland's Business Development Agency) has acknowledged that there was a lack of availability of alternatives to banking finance in Northern Ireland, such as microfinance, outside finance, risk finance, technological transfers and business angels.

In order to support this investment, NI has launched several offers, among them the NI Small Business Loan Fund, to make sure that Northern Irish businesses are not detained because they do not have direct contact with conventional finance. Fund administered and provided by the Ulster Community Investments Plc and Enterprise Northern Ireland Limited Partnerhip.

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