Small Business Real Estate Loans

Owner-occupied real estate loans

Loans SBA create better deals The Small Business Credit Programme is a good option for many different businesses. The SBA loans are provided in collaboration with the US Small Business Administration, which seeks to help small businesses succeed. It allows you to process your loans faster and more efficiently. Our company offers a broad spectrum of SBA credit related activities.

We provide our corporate and industry real estate finance to a wide range of companies that include petrol station operators, restaurant owners, car dealers, hotel and motel owners, animal hospitals and even non-compliant real estate. The company's current purchase loans are available for up to USD 1.25 million per year for a period of up to 15 years. Up to 80% of the funding can be provided by us.

And we can also help fund a broad array of equipments, including: We also provide loans of up to $5 million. Those funding choices have competitively priced and highly adaptable conditions without prequalification or prepayment penalty notices. The loans have at their disposal interest and interest payments on our 7 (a) and 504 credit programmes.

Under the 7 (a) credit programme, small enterprises are to be financed on a long-term and sustainable basis. Nearly every kind of for-profit business is eligable, according to the Small Business Administration scale standard. According to the use of the credit we are offering between 80% and 100% finance at different conditions and interest rate.

Those figures go from $200,000 to $5 million. Credit Programme 504 offers small companies long-term real estate finance. Between 80 and 90% of the funds are available for investments of up to USD 12 million. Conditions and prices depend on the value and mortgages of the real estate.

loan from SBA

Northwest Georgia Bank can help you finance your business through the SBA (Small Business Administration) credit facility if you are considering starting a business or expanding an established business. The SBA loans are specifically for business proprietors and have been the keys to many successfull companies. Get in touch with a Northwest Credit Clerk today to get to work!

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