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Leasing New York Commercial real estate While some of these buildings are single-storey buildings, others are multi-storey, multi-storey buildings intended for storage, offices and/or flexible use. The majority of the available offices consist of several different sized entities. Our plots are located in the major Northeast and Central Atlantic marketplaces to house approximately 5.7 million sq ft of Build-to-Suite offices.

Office community - The "about" commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate is no exception. to this. As Uber and Lyft have disturbed the rental vehicle business and Airbnb has disturbed gastronomy, so the move towards co-working or common offices has revolutionised commercial real estate. The Cosharing is the movement of the world. Some even say that it has already become a fixed factor in the commercial property sector.

WeWork, New York's biggest commercial real estate tenant and a leading coworker, for example, was valued at $10 billion in June 2015. In a recent poll of over 200 large commercial real estate companies, 40% of respondents were considering working rooms. In the United States, Europe and Asia there has been a strong increase in coshare rooms and enableers.

Kinglet Alex Kopicki's Chief Executive Officer said in a recent paper that sharing rooms not only offer the essence of a tile and grout cubicle workplace, but also a place to get together, gather interesting experts and build networking opportunities. The rooms give a feeling of fellowship to those specialists who are otherwise at home or in caf├ęs.

It offers the comfort of a short-term engagement, with some rooms being rented out on a day-to-day or even an hourly rental base. In addition, these rooms are trendy, with contemporary facilities and luxury that range from fine coffees and bio-nibbles, to swimming pools, arcade and slim rest rooms, such as a record room with vinyls and game desks.

Deloitte Center for Financial Services' latest paper provides an in-depth discussion of what coshare means for commercial real estate development companies and the sector and identifies four core elements of their CRE forecast: There will be higher demands for dynamic space configuration, subletting will be greater than letting, and leases and rental management will change significantly.

Industrial property development companies that want to follow this tendency should consider the common need for additional business premises when designing building sites in the near term. As an example, it may make sense to provide more sqm for rooms that are suitable for coshare workspaces. With this in mind, designers should be aware that with increasing rivalry for common workspaces, benefits such as fitness studios, catering facilities and lounges will allow designers to differentiate their rooms and address this expanding audience.

In addition, research shows that the common interest in common offices creates more efficient use of them. This, in turn, can result in an enhanced effect on the buildings' infrastructures, leading, for example, to higher demands for car parks and greater use of lifts. Entry into the common commercial property markets may result in an increasing number of transactions.

Since these small companies are growing out of the common room, they can move up into their own offices.

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