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You can use our handy credit calculators to find out. Private loans - The disadvantages. Microcredit UK The times when the only true way to get a small credit in the UK was to go to your local banks are long gone. Today, there are literally hundred of small credit product that are offered by a variety of creditors. Our offering includes a symmetrical applications platforms to match your precise needs with the full choice of credit product.

This means we do the tough work to find the right microloan for you in the UK. In the United Kingdom there are three major categories of micro-credit product, and these are retail credit, short-term credit and guarantee credit. Personally owned loans are the classic kind of short-term loans that you would traditionally have tried to arrange through your local banking institution.

There is now a broad palette of creditors who offer a face-to-face mortgage so that you are free to look for the best offer. Private credit is available for anything from 1,000 to 25,000 pounds, according to your pecuniary state. Also, interest levels can be quite low, as little as 5.7%, subject to the credit products you select and the length of the credit.

Loans of limited duration are usually for a much smaller amount than a private home loan, up to a total amount of around £3,000. They are also usually uncollateralized loans, and available to those with poor financial standing. As the name implies, the redemption plan for a short-term Loan is quite brief.

Guarantee loans are a small credit instrument designed for those who cannot afford to apply for a private credit but need to lend more than short-term providers normally do. In the case of a guarantee bond a third person signs the contract and pledges to repay the bond if the initial borrowing cannot do so.

The interest rate for a guarantee bond is quite favourable and ranges from 49% to 50%. That means you can always rely on us to provide you with the best possible investment counsel at all Times and never try to buy you a credit instrument that doesn't fit your needs. It is very easy to start the small credit claim procedure.

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