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Credit Card

Now Sony is reselling a PlayStation credit card. In the US, Sony has launched a new PlayStation brand credit card that offers bonus points for PlayStation store shopping and rebates on a wide range of PlayStation subscription options. You will receive Sony Award points for all your card transactions. This is trebled when you use the card to make payments for cell phones and quintuple when you use the card to purchase PlayStation or Sony gaming software or PlayStation Store gaming software.

PlayStation Plus is the most amazing in the line. You will receive a 50% rebate on your one-year subscription as long as you spent a combined $3,000 on the card within one year. PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music and PlayStation Now offer a smaller 10% rebate. After all, everyone who registers for the card will receive $50 in PlayStation Store credit.

While there is no yearly card charge, the APR will range from 14.99% to 24.99%, based on your credit rating, after rising from 0% of the APR after March 2018. It doesn't have the cheapest interest rate, but if you are spending a great deal of cash on PlayStation items and paying your card in full every single months, then this might be a good way to save some time.

As a Sony franchise, Sony may need to be cautious when entering the financial industry as PlayStation audiences are younger and may have less credit dealing expertise.

PlayStation credit card from Sony -

Sony has teamed up with Capital One to introduce a Playstation credit card, as featured in the PlayStation blog, with the original notion that after your first buy you'll receive a $50 PS store PIN if you sign up and are approved. Buying with your new card allows you to earn Sony Reward Points where 100 points are $1 in Sony Awards and your points can be redeemed for "Playstation titles, console titles, downloaded contents, subscriptions, Sony electronic, films, music, adventures and more".

PlayStation credit card currently appears to be available in the US, but it is likely that it will also be available in Europe.

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