Speak to a Mortgage Advisor Online

Talk to a mortgage advisor online

Nationwide starts online mortgage advisor A mortgage advisor named Dynamo entered the market online with support from Countrywide and Blenheim Chalcot, a virtual enterprise developer. Clients will make much of their own information available online and talk to their mortgage professional to finalise their request. Dynamo's nationwide cooperation enables its clients to tap into a broad spectrum of creditors and profit from interest rate and exclusivity offers.

Clients can regularly find out about the best offers available to them by using dynamo's Rate Checkers, a easy to use utility that displays the available rate at any given moment, based on their individual equipment. "The mortgage cycle is outdated and needs to be modernized: we are told that it is a necessary bad, frightening and stressing one.

For our clients, our cutting-edge technologies provide a nice and easy-to-use website that makes it easier and more personalized to gather information about mortgage applications," he added. Our first-class mortgage specialists see our premium technologies as super powers that simplify complicated procedures and save them valuable amounts of work.

"This allows them to concentrate on the essentials and provide our clients with a great end-to-end mortgage viewing solution. "The combination with some of the best UK credit providers and exclusives, some of which are not available to other mortgage brokerage firms, means that we are able to provide our clients with free, unbiased and high level mortgage advisory online and over the telephone in a way that is straightforward, clear and straightforward.

When Dynamo is launched on the market, it will only be available to private remortgaging clients, and by the end of 2018 also to first-time purchasers and peddlers. Countrywide's Managing Director of Financial Services Peter Curran added: "As the UK's biggest financial services provider, we believe that more and more of our clients want a mortgage application option.

The Dynamo online solutions. "Blenheim Chalcot's nationwide mortgage expertise, insights and connections combined with its experience in developing break-down financial solutions such as Clearscore has enabled us to develop Dynamo.

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