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Mortgages checks by SunTrust Disorganized, low morale and insufficient investments in the luck of the staff. Central location in the Richmond area. Treate human beings with esteem, everyone is expendable, but do not run around with this mindset. Handle humans the way you want to be handled, but if that doesn't mean anything to you, then you just know that humans are more productive and more loyal when they are handled with disrespect.

This is a cosy familiar setting where manager take good care of team mates. Excellent pay and working flexibility with the possibility to work from home from time to time. It' s as if the leaders awakened this mornin' and decide to open a mortgage deal. What is more, the room is not too comfortable.

Mortgage Loan Officer Reviews

Technological selection by prior senior executives was not good. The mortgage administration squad means good. Lokale manager are good folks, most credit clerks were good teammates. Executives should remove the manufacturing heads of distribution. The entire company should pay more attention to the Lo's and stop administering spread sheets and reporting. Vastly little sense and prima donna credit clerk.

Reduce the leadership and listening to the sales force.

The SunTrust company introduces the mortgage handling solution from GHR Systems.

a Metavante corporation and a leader in credit origination automated solution provider, today announces that SunTrust Mortgage, Richmond, Va., has acquired GHR's full range of mortgage credit product licenses. Mortgage will deploy the solution in its personal credit offices, call centers and customer channel, as well as across its wholesaling and correspondence credit operations.

GHR's choice of credit approval technologies is part of a large scale SunTrust Mortgage credit technologies transform program to rationalize the mortgage approval lifecycle and enhance the client experiences. SunTrust Mortgage recently came first in the J.D. Power and Associates Primary Mortgage Servicer Study for total client satisfaction among domestic mortgage service providers on the basis of more than 9,200 replies from home mortgage clients in the United States.

"Before choosing GHR, we carried out a comprehensive audit of the vendor base and due dilligence of functional, architectural and other critical system elements," said Sterling Edmunds, Jr., SunTrust Mortgage's CEC. "The thing that really impresses us about GHR's technologies is that they were used and operated in a robust, large-scale milieu.

" "The SunTrust has a clear idea of where they're going and is in line with our global approach to automation," said Allan Redstone, GHR Systems Founding Director and Chairman. "The SunTrust Group is dedicated to transforming its in-house process to generate mortgage volumes one order of magnitude quicker than the remainder of the sector.

" The SunTrust team will deploy several GHR mortgage credit product offerings, among them Wholesale/Correspondent Origination System, Agent Retail POS System, Automated Underwriting Decision Engine and enterprise report system. For SunTrust and its third-party providers and corresponding creditors, the Wholesale/Correspondent Origination System is a complete, web-based mortgage initiation utility specifically developed to optimize the credit approval and delivery processes.

Agents (POS) is the industry-leading point of sale system for private individuals that streamlines the mortgage selling lifecycle, automating everything from contacts to prequalification and the credit request lifecycle. Agents increase the credit officer's efficiency and client experience by significantly reducing the credit approval cycle and bringing clients together with the most appropriate credit product.

GHR's Enterprise Decision Engine and Automated Underwriting work across all channel s-providing cross-product, real-time, risk-adjusted authorization, pricing, training and qualifications. SunTrust can now run a single treasury to manage approvals, automatic insurance coverage, price, fees, guidelines, and documentation requests. Enterprise Decision Engine services all channel and enhances agent, author and user experience as well as leads exchange rate by enabling immediate decision making at the point of sales.

By eliminating the need to manage credit information across sites, this system reduces SunTrust's total cost of ownership. ERS extract information from GHR and non-GHR databases to generate immediate report dynamism with limitless search options and graphic analytics. The ERS provides managers, producers and operators with real-time insight into the creation, handling and closure of pipeline and related operations.

GHR's work flow system allows SunTrust to fully automate by control of all mortgage processing steps. SunTrust leverages workflows to streamline the performance of recurring functions such as track and trace records, manage third-party service providers, automate underwriting/decision, and create documents. SunTrust's Workshop Development Toolkit allows SunTrust to adapt or extend practically any part of the Agent, Processor or Close Kernel Applicationsodule.

Using Workshop, SunTrust can modify/supplement monitors, workflows, datafields, interfacing, reports, templates, etc. to address present or prospective needs, whether they are call centre scripts or extra cross-marketing datasets.

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