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Hypothekenrechner für britische Hypotheken von Alexander Hall Hypotheken. Compute monthly mortgage payments for repayments and pure interest rate mortgages. Payment Monthly / Income Assess your monetary charge by customizing various parameters such as the loan amount, the interest payable, the term of the loan and much more. You can use this utility to make a reasonable calculation for the purchasing of your new home. Deposit is the original part of the due amount, payable in advance in advance in the form of money.

Capital repayments are repayments of the amount of capital due, as opposed to interest repayments, which are usually made first. Yearly interest rates determine how much interest must be disbursed on the mortgages. Maturity of the loan; the period of grace required to pay back the full amount lent to the creditor.

Anticipated payout is included in the total amount of the month's payout for the life of the loan. Non-life insurances protect the house owner against various risks such as fire, storm and more. Often this policy is requested by creditors and is added to your total amount of your month's payments. Mortgages cover provides partial protection and compensation to creditors in the event of loan defaults.

Aggregate anticipated montly cash flows, plus interest, capital charges, insurance and more. This is the amount you receive after tax and various wage reductions. Mortgages are the aggregate amount due at any given point during the term of the loan; it is the amount of the capital to be repaid.

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Hypothekenmakler can now download a copy of Intelligent Finance's Off-set Mortgages Calculator to their desktops. This calculator shows how the settlement with the customer banks can help their customers reduce costs. This means that agents no longer have to login to the web to use the calculator, giving greater versatility to this useful sales tool.

It is the latest in a series of Intelligent Finance ventures designed to help brokerage firms do deals. Agents can now place all trades on-line, with all Intelligent Finance' Mortgages available over the web, plus the six new off-set and non-off-set offerings. Through the website, stockbrokers can also order current stock of books that will be sent to them within 48hrs.

Says Brian Ewing, Intelligent Finance's Director of Intermediary Revenue: "Brokers who have already used the calculator's on-line edition will know how simple it is to use and will have seen the advantages it can offer customers in showing offsets. Calculator is a graphical representation that shows how compensation can help saving time.

Originally started as a pure on-line edition, the calculator was developed by Iteration::two and uses a unique display to provide an continuous trip using movie transition and real-time graphs to plot the benefits of compensation. Agents can enter the value of the properties, the loan amount and the desired maturity and then select from one of Intelligent Finance's six off-set financial instruments.

In addition, periodic excess payment or incidental flat-rate payment may be made to highlight the possible effects on the off-set hypothec. Diagrams clearly show the effects of the settlement and a practical abstract at the end of the computation shows the overall interest rate on the loan, the interest savings from the settlement and the resulting shortening of the maturity.

"We believe that the web is a strong resource for brokerage and have made a number of improvements to our brokerage website.

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