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You might be able to borrow more money as a couple. Five reason not to take out a loan today Would you like to take out a small private loan? Credits to individuals no longer offer good business toorrowers. These trends seem to be continuing, especially for smaller credits. Come with us and ruin your target indebtedness.

2When your cardholder statements and liabilities bring you down, it's timeto take a stance - here are five simple ways to get started.

Today, the most competetive consumer credits for this amount are from First Direct and the Post. However, both demand an amazingly high 13.9% interest rat. This is almost as much as the default tariffs of most major payment methods. Luckily, there are better ways to lend than badmouth face-to-face borrowing.

When you need to buy something but don't have the available money, a consumer loan could appear like the next one. However, a 0% on shopping via debit could be a far less expensive alternative. With the best tickets, you get interest-free loans for a whole year. The Sainsbury's Finance Nectar card can be tried as long as you have a nectar map, or you can register for the nectar program.

As an alternative, the Tesco Clubcard is a good option that will give you a one-year pause from interest on your shopping. Don't forget only if you borrow on a 0% chargeable card on a purchases you need to clear your indebtedness within the preliminary interest-free interval, or the far higher APR default will step in.

Unless you think you can make it to repay your debts within a year, you could choose a low APR debit instead. That kind of map will calculate less interest than a consumer loan and should remain so until you have fully settled everything. Halifax Easy Rate Mastercard is a good option here, as it calculates only 6.9% (variable) on all your shopping and thus exceeds all your actual lending interest rate by a mile, no matter how much you want to use.

It is a simplistic idea: the creditor deserves a yield on the interest he borrows from the interest repaid by the debtor. In addition, you can loan at potentially much more favourable conditions. E.g. you could loan 2,500 over three years at a rate as low as 10.9%. That is significantly less than the interest charge of the lowest loan for this amount.

Keep in mind that after the end of the year, all residual overdrafts are liable to a monthly charge of up to £5 per day, up to a limit of 5 per cent. In the meantime, Santander will offer the Preferred Overdraft Rate Account, which includes an interest-free one-year draw (depending on your circumstances).

Upon completion of the introduction quote, you will be billed a 12.9% fee AAR. Well, once again, it is in your best interest to settle your debts as soon as possible. After all, if you are still confident that a consumer loan is the right way to go, there is a clever way to reduce your cost by lending more money.

This may seem ludicrous advices, but consumer credit usually works on a staggered price system where the more you lend, the lower the interest generally. Here, the most viable would be the Sainsbury's Finance Nectar Card Holder's credit, which requires an interest of 11.9%. But if you would lend something more, so your loan rose to 5,000, the interest would fall to just 8.8%.

Reimbursement of this higher loan over three years would actually saving you 180 pounds. Think only of the fact that you need - or need to request - a nectar map to get qualified for this particular business.

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