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What's the point of taking out a personal loan with us? Loan application online? Please read our practical guide below to guide you through the process! The prices depend on the amount of the loan and the individual circumstances. They should take out a loan only if you feel comfortable, you can repay it in time.

Credits for payment in kind on the same date - Credit claim stages

Apply for a loan online? Please see our practical instructions below to lead you through the proces! Fill in your details first. We also conduct a rapid solvency assessment. You may be asked to enter your current email adress, so please keep it ready, as long as you have been living at your adress.

Your current postal adress is a standard part of the credit request procedure. It is used to help us reconcile the detail you have given us with your historic record. In case you are already a client, you must inform us so that we can prioritize your credit request. Once you begin to fill out the online loan request we will ask you if you have ever had a loan from us.

Please tick the box "Yes" and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You must complete your information on your earnings, including your pay, benefits or pension. Your earnings can be entered by choosing the options either a monthly, week, 2-week ly or 4-week ly. Keep in mind that to be eligible for a loan you must have a guaranteed minimal wage of £400.

We need to know your expenditure patterns so that we can work out an appropriate loan amount. Please fill in all your editions with as much information as possible. We will discuss your information afterwards with you on the telephone, but it will help saving your precious little hours if you have entered so many of your issues on the contact page.

Do you currently make loan redemptions? You do not have to include this in the costs if yes. In order to carry out some controls that help us keep you identified and prevent us from cheating, we need your banking information.

Befor you start applying

Every request is always examined on an individual basis, and we only loan it to persons who we believe can pay it back on schedule. We should not use our credits as a long-term financing option. Delayed repayments mean additional charges and can impact your solvency. They should take out a loan only if you feel well, you can pay it back in good time. However, if you do not feel well, you should take out a loan.

Application online - without red tape or telephone conversations. While we never get in touch with your employers, we will conduct an online loan review. Keep in mind that we will only provide you with a loan if we believe that you can buy it and repay it. When you' re cleared, we'll give you your loan contract. Ensure that you are willing to assume the obligation.

When yes, click on "I accept" to subscribe. When you are not sure whether a loan is right for you, do not push as you will be entering into a forming arrangement. Payments are accepted from the credit cards that you have registered with us on each refund date. All or part of your loan can be repaid early at any given moment and you could be saving interest - because you only get interest on the dates you lend.

May I top up my short-term loan? When you already have a short-term loan, but need a little more cash, you can charge it and at the same time meet the same payback date. If you have a Flexi loan, please be aware that you cannot request a recharge.

Once you have repaid, we will e-mail you one last time to thank you for repaying your loan. Well, what if you pay back too late? Well, I'm not. In addition, we can notify your bank of delayed payment to information bureaus, which can impact your creditworthiness and make it more cumbersome and costly to borrow in the longer term.

If you can't pay it back, what if you can't?

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