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Lectures from Italy, Berlin-Heidelberg, Springer, TD-No. TD and Royal Bank raise mortgage rates Two of Canada's largest mortgage lenders are increasing their mortgage rates. The Royal Bank of Canada said Friday it is planning to raise its announced rates for a five-year fixed-rate mortgage on Monday to 5. 34 percent higher than the 5. 14 percent currently announced.

It follows a step by the Toronto Dominion Bank on Wednesday to push its stated interest on a five-year fixed-rate mortgage up to 5.59 percent from 5.14 percent and its other rates up 10 to 15bps.

AJ Goodman, Royal Banking spokesperson, said that the AJ Goodman took various elements into account when adjusting mortgage rates, "including our financing cost and prevailing mortgage rates". "On the basis of our recent terms, our interest rates accurately represent the right ratio between our clients' aspirations and our mortgage financing costs," he said in an e-mail. Gilts will come higher as sovereign bonds returns increase, with the return on the Canadian government's five-year benchmarks climbing to 2.18 percent on Wednesday.

The trend in fixed-rate mortgage rates is towards returns on similar maturity sovereign bonds, which reflects changes in the cost of debt. Hypothekenplaner and website creator Robert McLister said TD Bank's rise was "unusual" as the five-year mortgage rate has not risen 45 bps or more since March 2010.

The financing charges for the bank have risen, and the bank can try to recover some of its profits, he said. "However, that alone does not warrant a 45 base point hike," said McLister. Julie Bellissimo, TD spokesperson, said that elements taken into account in price setting included "the competition environment, credit pricing and management costs".

" "The adjustment of our tariffs is not a choice to be taken lightly..... on. However, even with this amendment, credit rates are still competitively and historic low," she said in an e-mail. TD was also increasing its budgeted closing rate for two-year, three-year mortgage by 10 points each to 3. 44 percent and 3.

of 59 percent and 59 percent, respectively. The TD raised its six-year and seven-year mortgage rates by 50 points each to 5. 64 percent and 5. 8% and 8% respectively. The RBC will increase its rates for one to four years of firm mortgage loans by 15 bps to between 3.49 percent and 5.04 percent.

Canada's biggest creditor is also raising its reported interest rates on its five- to ten-year fixed-rate mortgage by 20 bps, with seven-year and ten-year interest rates rising to 5.8 percent and 6 percent, respectively. 6% and 6% respectively. Yet, RBC said it will cut its proposed five-year floating interest rate to 3. 3 percent from 3. 45 percent on Monday.

T.D. sliced its five-year floating rates close, which offers for new and renovated mortgages earlier this month, to 2. 85 percent, which is 75 bps less than its T.D. mortgage prime rates. It was previously 2. 95 percent or 65 bps less than its TD Mortgage Prime rate.

Interest rates did not change throughout the entire Canadian financial services industry. The Bank of Nova Scotia spokesperson Lukas Gerber said Friday that the creditor has not raised its mortgage rates since January, but "cannot respond to price changes that we might consider. "And a CIBC spokesperson said there were no changes to the published mortgage rates.

McLister said the intrinsic rates that banks are offering to borrowers do not see the same rise, but comments the Canadian Federal Reserve is using the rates posted at large banks in order to compute the rates used in load testing to ascertain whether home buyers are qualifying for loan. Home buyers with less than 20 percent down payments looking for an assured mortgage must be eligible for the five-year mortgage interest of the Federal Reserve, which was quoted at 5. 14 percent on Wednesday.

And, from 1 January, home buyers who do not require mortgage cover must demonstrate that they can make payment at a qualified interest rates higher than two percent above the contract mortgage interest or the five-year reference interest rates of the Federal Reserve. According to a CIBC Capital Markets early this week, almost half of all Canadian mortgage book is due for renewal this year.

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