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loan by text

Send mini-text from your mobile phone to get instant payday loans without credit check from direct lenders in the UK. Texts loan | Ferratum? It has never been so quick and simple to request a short-term mortgage! A text mortgage allows you to request your next mortgage by just texting, it's that simple! You will be subjected to a review of your claim for loans and affordable rates on the basis of the information you have already provided.

Where can I request a text credit? You must request your first Ferratum credit via our on-line credit transfer request page. Just write the name NEED and the amount you want to lend to 07860 020302, like this: I have repaid my mortgage, can I request a text mortgage?

What can I request per text? Text loans allow our current clients to request up to £500. The next payment date is defined as the credit period for you. Our text loans are offered in multiples of £10 between 50 and 500 so if you only need 370 you don't have to round it up and lend more than you need.

Where can I find out if my text loan application has been accepted? You will know immediately, because we will send you our choice right back! Sometimes, when you request a text loan, we may not be able to provide you with the amount you requested, based on your budget and other considerations.

We will respond in these cases with the amount you can claim for the limit, and you can use that amount by submitting the NEED text for the lower amount. I' d like to get a text loan, but my cell phone number has dropped. In order to keep the text loan facility safe, we can only take the request from the cell phone number you provided when you last applied.

And we know it's you because we're sending you a personal number. When you need to modify your existing cell phone number, please call us at 0151 601 8611 before making a text loan request that we will modify for you. This does not mean that you cannot take full benefit of the Text Loan facility, but it is still a fairly quick one.

Once this borrower has paid off the loans, unless you have again modified your account information, you can use the Text Loans to request loans in the near term. Please submit your text request to our text number 07860 02030302, which is a text number with regular tariff. By paying for your text messaging, you will be billed at the default rates of your carrier.

Anything else I need to know about text loans? Text Loans is available to clients who have paid back their first loans. You will also receive a guide on how to use the Text Loans feature when we ship your text receipts. It is important that you do NOT respond to this text.

MicroLoan can only be applied for via the Text Loan Mechanism, for PlusLoan instalments you must request on-line.

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