The best Bank for Mortgage Loan

Best bank for mortgage loans

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Bank loans in France - Best interest rates Dec 09

Which are the best interest ratios for bank credits in France? Let's take a look at some of the most important prices currently on the shelves. There are many reasons why you will be paying interest on a loan in France, not least the reason for the loan, its term and the collateral you need or offer.

Mortgage interest in France has fallen by around 1.3% from its December high, with the current CIC low of 3.10%. Of course, not everyone will be able to get the best mortgage interest available, as the regulations in France are no different from those elsewhere; they vary depending on the amount of money you can put up, the length of time you need the loan, the amount of the loan and your own credibility.

Home enhancement loans can also be obtained for a similar level of interest to those of mortgage bonds, and collateral against the loan is seldom needed unless it is a large loan. When you need an overshoot, you should be expecting to be paying an interest of 8% to 16%.

The interest rate on the revolving credits is not really better. On the following chart the most important interest rate available for different kinds of loan from some of the largest French bank are shown. Several of the bank are pure online banking, such as Boursorama, Monobanq and Bred. They will also find that the territorial and reciprocal nature of some of the high street banking institutions means that lending interest varies by area.

As the price quoted also depends on your individual situation, the chart should only be used for general information. For more information on bank credit in France, see our guidelines for banks in France.

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