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The report warned half of the women detainees discharged into shelter.

A report on the biggest women's penitentiary in Europe shows that half of European females become shelterless when they are released from jail. This report referred to the effects of the Act on the Rehabilitating of Offenders on the number of recall actions to jail. According to the Act, former detainees are often returned to jail for petty offences, where they can stay several extra week in jail without adequate rehab.

It also found that only 48 h of prescribed drugs are given to detainees on release, which can be a concern for those without a family doctor's registration. More than 95 percent of the detainees at Bronzefield, a Category A women's prison on the edge of Ashford in Surrey, regularly take drugs.

This is the only specially constructed penitentiary exclusively designed for British mothers. Johnny Earle, Direktorin des Prion Reform Trust's Transformation Levels to Reduce Women's Inprison Programs, sagte : "Once again, a jailer emphasizes the issue that short-term detainees are set free without having a home. "Over two years after Bronzefield Jail was forced to give women's marquees to lie down when they got out of jail, and almost six month after the release by the federal administration of its long-awaited policy against female criminals, this report quite correctly asks what has been done to resolve a issue that only minister can resolve.

"Detention for stealing, later release from homelessness, recall for violating the Anti-Social Behaviour Order for staying in a public garden, and later release from homelessness," a member of the Women in Prison staff said to research workers. As a result, the possibilities for cooperation with the responsible residential property companies are limited and the subsidy conditions are met.

An overwhelming proportion of women perpetrators are sentenced to brief terms of six or less month for petty offences, a fourth of them for less than one month. Approximately 60 per cent of women perpetrators have suffered sexual assault at home, an estimate of 24 to 31 per cent have dependant infants, and those who are in prison or on parole are more than twice as likely to experience psychological problems as men.

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